What Is The Best Strategy For Marketing An Ecommerce Website

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Dear Warriors,
What strategy do you think is the best to market an ecommerce website? I am referring to online marketing strategies.
Your comments and suggestions is appreciated.
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    You might wanna check out ECommercefuel.com
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      Originally Posted by BillyZab View Post

      You might wanna check out ECommercefuel.com
      +1 for Ecommercefuel. Andrew Youderian is a smart guy.

      As for content marketing, the 80-20 rule applies. Spend 20% of your time creating the content and 80% of your time distributing it.

      That means putting together a list of 'influencers' - people/websites/blogs in your niche with a lot of followers/subscribers. Then reach out to those influencers offering them a guest post for their blog, a free product sample etc.

      It takes a bit of time and effort, but it costs very little and having good relationships with influential people in your niche is really handy going forward.

      Also, consider listing your products on marketplaces like eBay, Amazon or Ashop.me (launching soon). It's a great way to test new products before you commit to buying lots of stock, and it's a low-cost way to pick up some extra sales quickly.

      Shameless plug here - try listing your products on Ashop.me first because we don't charge any listing fees, and have access to millions of customers. We're not as big as eBay or Amazon, but we're a really good place to start.
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    Great article here at Screen Pages that should help answer your question: E-commerce traffic: sources of traffic and how to get more for your website «
    Amazon repricing software that helps you win the Buy Box more often. eBay repricing also available.
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    Is press release still effective?
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    If you haven't got a blog attached to your ecom site, you're out of the game.
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      I've seen a lot of people using Google PPC these days, seems to work for them.
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    That's such a huge question - what are you selling, your budget

    Marketing Zappos is different to marketing a back bedroom online business.

    Focus on your conversion rate once you have traffic
    PPC is great and a fast way to test an idea

    My course below may help you
    Thank you
    http://www.SplitTest.com - Increase Your Conversion Rate Guranteed
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    I'm a really big fan of content marketing.

    Set yourself up as a blogger/publisher/content creator.

    Attaching a blog to your website and consistently posting quality content to it will not only help your SEO situation in a big way, but it'll also point new customers and audience members to your site and the content that you've got contained on it.

    This also puts you in a position of trust and authority, since you're creating high-quality content that's directly related to your niche.

    The important thing to remember is that you shouldn't create content about yourself. Create content for your audience. If you sell skateboards and skate accessories? Create cool content about sports and the "alternative" lifestyle. Just an example.

    Hope this helps!

    _ Sean B.
    Solid Commerce

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    I would write tons of great articles and submit to article directories and place content on your blog. The quick way to get lot of visitors is to use facebook advertsing.

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