How to Make Your Content Unique?

by antis
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That is the problem that I face when I blog on my e-commerce website. How to create a unique content, if I don't know anything about a particular product or a niche? I mean internet is the only way to find it out, but that will make my blog post like everyone's else
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    Since you don't know anything about the niche, the easiest way would to be research your keyword, learn what you can and write your articles from an original standpoint. Don't regurgitate what you read on other sites, simply take what you have learned and write about it.

    I guess the easiest example I have would be to think back to when you were in school. In the states you always have to write book reports. Writing niche articles in the same to me. With a book report you read the book and write about what you learned or give an overview. Take that standpoint and read all you can about your niche then write.
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    outsourcing is the easiest way
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    Many people order a 500+ words unique article for $5 on Fiverr.
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    Just find a good company to outsource all your articles. However for really good content, you should be ready to pay $2+/100 words.

    Good luck!
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    The question is - why you need to write for your e-commerce site?
    If it is for SEO purpose only - don't worry too much, outsource the writing, make sure the keywords are well researched, check the articles for at least 70% uniqueness at copyscape - and you are good.

    If you need REAL people to read you content ....You need to learn the topic. There is no other way to create an interesting and unique content. Spend some time and learn. You don't have to be expert, but you must to know SOMETHING.
    There are several "tricks" which can present your content in an interesting and unique way:
    One of them is to ask negative questions:
    Instead of "When is the best time to train your dog" try "Never train your dog at these times" or "When your dog is less ready to be trained"
    Instead of "Best shoe colors for next summer" try "Next summer "no-no" shoe colors - read it and avoid disaster"
    what to do next? you take the ordinary content - everybody is writing and you present it upside down.
    At this point you can hire someone to take your titles and write the articles.
    But don't outsource the title creation.

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    Write articles by yourself with unique ideas.
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    Agreed, write your own or only from a trusted writer, and they don't come cheap. Writing yourself is best. Always.
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      I write them by myself, but I surf the internet for the info what to write about. Well, the plagiarism ratings showed that my article is 90% unique, but it still has the same information like all the other websites.
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    To write unique content you should have some great knowledge about your subject, product or service.
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    There isn't really a short or "turnkey" kind of answer to your question.

    When it comes to creating content that is of truly high quality? There isn't a single "how-to" kind of answer.

    That sort of content comes from a few things. It comes from knowing the industry and what you're writing about. It comes from being a practiced writer such that you can speak with authority in a voice that is your own and is original.

    It's not impossible to create high-quality content in a niche with which you're not immediately familiar, but it's going to take a good amount of work to get yourself to that point.

    Think of it this way -- pretend you're a novelist, and you want to write a book about eCommerce. If that were the case, you'd most likely devote your nights and weekends to studying eCommerce, making yourself an armchair expert on the subject.

    As was pointed out in a previous post -- if you want to be making something that ACTUAL people will read, value, and come back to? You're going to need to work hard at making yourself an expert and developing your voice.

    You're going to have to be like a doctor...and have a bit of patience.

    That being said? It's not impossible, at all! I totally believe that just about anyone with a good head on their shoulders can learn enough about eCommerce and enough about blogging/writing that they can create a valuable blog.

    You can do it!

    _ Sean B.
    Solid Commerce

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    To make your content unique, you can't copy and paste it from somewhere else!

    You can create unique content by writing it yourself AFTER doing the proper research. I am not an advocate of 'spinning' articles with software either.

    Decide upon the keywords you will use, then come up with a very catchy title for your blog post or article. Having a hook or a unique twist should result in original and unique content if you do the research, absorb the information, then regurgitate it in your own words and voice.

    If you outsource the writing, present the outsourcer with your keywords and your title and let them run with it. Run the content they deliver through Copyscape to ensure that it is unique and not plagiarized.
    Make every day count!
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    • You can always hire a writer for a pretty cheap price, or you can start with a PLR article and edit the content which makes it unique.

      If you are not a great writer or do not enjoy writing then outsource it or start with something basic and make it your own. Hope that helps!
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      This is not the honest approach by far. But I wanted to be the odd one on this thread. What I do for some of my blogs is figure out the TOPIC. Find 5 great articles on the subject and then COPY and PASTE the content to a notepad/wordpad/etc.

      Now I take select paragraphs and sections from all 5 articles and create ONE small article. After some meshing of article content, I re-read the "NEW" article and RE-PHRASE the sentences to fit my speech.

      What does this do? Yes, it does take the SAME amount time or LESS if you do your own blogging. But with this, you took the BRAINSTORMING out of the equation- the time it took to THINK about great content, and just meshed it all in one very quickly.

      This is great for mornings with a screaming baby and nagging wife in the background. BLOGGING DONE.
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