E-Commerce - The Biggest Myth, and how to overcome?

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I have heard many people say 'If you build it, they will come', or was that in movie?

So many people over the years have told me stories about how they spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars getting an e-commerce website up and running.....but then assumed they would just get customers and sales. More and more people are now finding out they can get a store up and running for a lot less, but still the same problem exists. How do I get my store noticed and selling products?

Paid Ads (standard placement ads, network ads like google adwords, etc.) - But these can get pricey, especially of you are new to it.

Article Submissions - you can write and submit articles to blogs, and submit press releases. Many say this still works well, and some say not so much.

Link Building - building links has been known to increase search engine ranking. (has this changed with Google's updates?)

Affiliate Programs - many carts come with their own built-in affiliate program, but is it better to use a known service? (ie: linkshare, cj.com)

Social Networks - Not a save all, but having a social presence is a must now-a-days. You can receive some decent traffic, and even if the conversion is small, it's more than you had before. Which ones? Obviously Facebook and twitter for sure......but many others can work well, depending on niche, and how you promote it.

What is your biggest challenge with e-commerce? Are any of the above working for you?
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    E-commerce business is entirely dependent through web, so its important to optimize your e-commerce website for search engine and its the biggest issue for e-commerce to get ranked for search engines.
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    All of the above help but it's very time consuming to keep activity going across all your marketing channels and SEO efforts. No magic bullet I'm afraid—reassuringly hard work for all of us! I always dream of bumping into a movie star and getting them to use something I'm selling — that would obviously bump up sales, but unfortunately I have no movie stars in my little black book yet.

    In all honesty, I would say be creative with your business—be creative or unique about how you attract custom, how you list your products, how you place special offers in with existing orders. Sellers need to try to be heard above the noise.
    Amazon repricing software that helps you win the Buy Box more often. eBay repricing also available.
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    I think if you are going thee drop shipping route its finding ways to carry products at a competitive price versus what Amazon and Ebay sell them for

    No point getting traffic to your store if customers can buy the same thing at Amazon or ebay (known and trusted brands) at a cheaper price
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    Actually, that line gets mis-quoted a lot.

    It's, "If you build it, HE will come." And it's from Field of Dreams.

    Basically, all of the things you mentioned are a good way to drive traffic and increase the conversion rate to your webstore. But as much as we'd all like one, there isn't really a turnkey answer the way you might think there is. There's no one way to solve eCommerce's "biggest myth."

    And to that effect -- there really isn't a "biggest myth." These are the challenges that every business faces when it's getting started.

    Paid ads, article submissions, link building...all of these practices can really help you out, but you've got to do the research, and put in the time/work to make them effective for you. It's also important to do the research that needs to go into figuring out which directives and which channels are going to be the most effective for you.

    Having a presence on Facebook and paying for social advertising on that channel might be a good way to build your audience. However, depending on your business, LinkedIn might be an even better place.

    The channels and directives that will work for your business are going to be the research that you do on your company, your market, and other factors.

    Hope this helps!

    _ Sean B.
    Solid Commerce

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    For one of my client, facebook advertisement runs extremely good with low budget and most of the ads cost nothing.
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