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Hello all,

I'm still quite new to all of this. I have been using wordpress for about 11 months and I'm getting the hang of it now.

I have used woocommerce and the Superstore theme on a site I made.

I have a small flower delivery business in Russia and I'm expanding into Ukraine, Estonia and Spain.

I'll thus need a website where customers can choose the country they want to have flowers delivered in (I suppose from a drop-down menu).

This all looks possible to me using the plugins and theme I have now.

However I have a question :

How could I make a page for each country that would display different prices?

Shipping can be the same for every country, but the goods should display in different prices.

For example, in Russia a seasonal bouquet at $50, in Ukraine at $45 and in Estonia at $38.

How is this possible with the plugins and themes that wordpress provides?

I'd appreciate an answer as I am used to using wordpress and I don't want to have to start fiddling around with another content management system.

Here is an example of how I'd like my website to be :

Thanks very much in advance for your responses!!
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    How much does that theme cost?
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    You could use dynamic pricing with each product with a drop down menu.
    Pricing that product differently for whatever country currency.
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    fapilot's answer is probably the easiest. You could also change the code so that depending on the user's IP, it would choose either the regular_price option or other prices you've put in custom fields for each product... after thinking about it though. I'd probably just go with fapilot's solution of using dynamic pricing. Much simpler!
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    You have many choices but without further clarification I don't know what to tell you. The site you referenced is Magento which as you can imagine is a powerful tool and you may want to consider a dedicated cart (Opencart and Prestashop will do the same) versus sticking with wordpress. Not a popular option I know but if you are looking to grow an e-commerce business, then maybe you look at platforms that are designed to grow your business.

    That being said, if you are adamant about staying with wordpress, there are a couple options. First like others have said is product options based on where they deliver to but to be honest, that will just confuse the hell out of your customers. The other issue, if they choose the cheapest option and then have it shipped to their country, you will be spending a lot of time fixing and emailing those customers. Customers will choose the cheapest option without paying attention to what it means by Ukraine or others words.

    If your theme is WPML compatible, you can then use that to create a country drop down for customers to choose when they come to your site. It will be a lot more work to set up the pricing but that would be a very viable option for each "country" you want to target.

    What you don't say tho, do these prices need to be dynamic? Do they change based on exchange rates?
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    That means will they deliver flowers internationally...So,I hope they would have more number of branches all over...Flower delivery has become a very easy task now a days..And we can order flowers to any place instantly...

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    I'd probably just go with fapilot's solution of using dynamic pricing. Much simpler!
    Buy worldwide Online flower 2014 & send, delivery to International
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    Honestly you are going to have a headache. Customers will want local currency checkout, meaning you need to perform fx conversions and have static prices, otherwise you will get €46.57 pricing which puts people off as it shows you are a small business which makes them reluctant when ordering internationally - WooCommerce is not good at that. The other thing is that the average WooCommerce site generates $46,618 in revenue per year. This means that to move above that, which you will want, you will have to fight the software. There are other platforms such as Magento which are better but still not very good at the currency conversion - it is effectively a manual process. The example site just currency converts so you know that your country is not the base currency, it puts people off and therefore WooCommerce is effectively for <20% international sales and Magento CE/EE for ~20% up to 50% with some specialist tools and knowledge (which are not cheap). On top of that you need to restrict products to regions and/or countries, also not an easy thing to achieve. Unfortunately there are no simple solutions (we use one but that is different), you may technically get it to work but it needs to be in a way that people will buy it and you don't spend 18hrs/day playing with pricing, that is what makes it diffucult.
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