Best Type of Content for a E-Commerce Store?

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I am selling pet products and have wrote a few articles so far but have not receive any traffic specifically for the articles. How important is content on an e-commerce website, should I focus more on descriptive unique product descriptions more or focus on articles and content for the "blog" section to bring in more traffic?

After 2 weeks of launching I am receiving about 50 unique hits a day, but no sales yet. I am only setup with Paypal so hopefully once my application goes though I can start seeing some profit.
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    Fo SEO you can give targeted keyword rich names for your items. For example instead giving name "Pedigree Dog Food" name it Pedigree Daily Food for Adult Dogs, Chicken & Vegetables Flavour

    For content people normally looking for info like About us page where you can write about why you setup this page, how your products will benefit them and why purchase from your store and not from your competitors.

    You can write info page about for example classification of dog food, what they need on daily basis. It is best to narrow your niche, for example selling only dog food, dog jewellery, dog equipment, dog care…you got idea. No need to mix up all kind of pet stuff, better open few stores for each niche.

    Other than this no need to write a lot of stuff, you want people to shop and not to read, they can find all kind of info from info sites.

    You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great ~Zig Ziglar~

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    You have a few different things going on here.

    #1 If you have 700 uniques and 0 conversions then there is either a problem with your traffic or your site. Either your site is not properly set up to convert or your traffic isn't right for your site.

    I would use a small test budget and buy some very targeted PPC traffic and see how it converts. If very targeted traffic still does not convert then that tells you that your site needs work. (*BTW this is my hunch)

    However if you get a decent conversion rate (over 1-2%) then you know that your site will convert with good traffic and that should be your focus.

    #2 As far as content for ecommerce, its a tricky area. Even if you have great content it still needs viewers and still needs traffic otherwise its useless for your needs. There are tools like SEM Rush (and others) that can help in this area.

    Also it really depends on your products. Can you describe more about what you are selling?
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  • How important is content?

    Incredibly important.

    From content, Google can then match the relevancy of your keywords to the structure of your site. The pages that you create should be optimized via proximity principle from your main niche keyword - not picked from some random place (and certainly not from everything your supplier sells) Be specific - and be relevant.

    However, the other purpose of content is to CONVINCE people not only to buy the product, but to buy from you. Copywriting is an incredible skill to hone and develop - as it does help. It could be the issue you're having with your conversions.

    In addition - you always want to make sure that your content is unique, naturally written and of course engaging.

    If you have 'article' pages with just content - and no code - how engaging is that?

    Not at all.

    Build every page to sell a 'click' and your traffic will convert.
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      ADE up there hit the nail squarely on the head. Your content works incredibly hard for you when it comes to actually convincing visitors that you're the best place for them to spend their money.

      Further, blog content can do stuff that other copy and content on an eCommerce site can never do -- establish you in a position of trust and authority within your niche.

      Don't get me wrong -- your site copy and product descriptions are incredibly important, and should be one of the main focuses of the work that goes into your site. Original, interesting, and captivating product descriptions can really make or break an eCommerce site.

      Blog content, on the other hand, serves entirely different purposes which are no less important.

      For one thing, putting up original, informative, and well-written blog content is a GREAT way to get Google's attention. They really love when sites publish high-quality content. Blogging regularly is a great way to get your site to shoot up in the search results.

      Important to remember, though, is that you've actually got to put some time and effort into a real BLOG.

      For example: let's say you're running an outdoor apparel store. Don't just blog about your business and your products. A blog full of "NEW PRODUCT IN" blog entries isn't really interesting to anyone.

      A blog all about the outdoor lifestyle, though, is going to ensure that visitors come back to your site on a regular basis. Especilly if your blog has informative/educational/entertaining content. The point is to become a RESOURCE for your visitors.

      This helps insanely with SEO, puts you in a position of authority and thought-leadership within your niche, and makes it so that you're at the top of your customer's mind. They'll be visiting your (imaginary) site even when they're NOT looking to buy outdoor apparel, which means you'll be the first person they think of when they ARE ready for some.

      _ Sean B.
      Solid Commerce

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