What's the best thing to sell?

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OK, I know there's no "best thing to sell", but a lot of people still ask that exact question.

Sourcing inventory is an activity that you always need to keep working on and improving.

Here's 12 tips to help sellers figure out their strategy.
Twelve Tips For Your Product Sourcing Strategy | Lean Commerce
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  • There are really three things to keep in mind when asking yourself this question.

    One - is it in demand? And when I say, is it 'in demand' I mean, is there real 'demand metrics' that you're looking at? Many people just do a 'sit-on-the-toilet-and-guess-if-it's-in-demand-because-guessing-always-works.'

    It doesn't. There are real tools that give real data on this thing.

    The second thing people always miss out on is: "Does it have manageable competition?"

    All to often people want high-demand, but with high demand comes the corollary 'high competition.' Plus, on the Internet - it's hard to have an original idea anyway, without spending a ton of money educating the public on who/what you are.

    Again, there are metrics on this.

    The third on that MANY people forget is: "Commercial intention." Are people buying your item? Or are they 'learning'? You need to target items that people are buying, not just learning.

    Again, this is a metric that can be found - not guessed. And YES people do BUY items that are informational, of course, but still have a commercial intention. However, you need to KNOW how to find these metrics - otherwise you're shooting in the dark.

    I have more abandoned projects because I didn't START correctly, than successful ones because I did start correctly. It wasn't until I figured it out that I really started to do well.

    It's all about data - and knowing where it is to 'find what to sell.'

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    Thanks Andy, that some excellent advice from the 12 Tips Website!
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  • The best thing to sell depends from your audience.
    Try to think to your audience and after you think what sell.
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