What is the Best E-commerce CMS SEO Solution ?

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I am looking for the best SEO e-commerce solution in the market . Please tell me your own experiences with them .

Thanks in advance.
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    Honestly, all ecommerce CMS have their pros and cons, none of them are perfect. Magento is pretty good, although it needs work with site speed and canonical URLs.

    Obviously, with stores that only offer up less than 40 or so products, I'd go with Woo Commerce for Wordpress. We all know how SEO friendly Wordpress is as long as you have a decent theme and you know what you are doing with the security.
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    Magento is very strong in this area but it really depends on your needs. Perhaps you can explain your objectives.
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    It all depends

    How many different products are you stocking?
    What's your budget for the cart?
    How tech savy are you?

    If you can provide a few more details we can offer better advice for you
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    Magento is an awesome choice as said by the other posters. Take a good look at your budget though before going down that road. It can be a costly one but worth every penny in the end if done correctly.
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      There are pro's and cons for each of them. I like Big commerce.

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    Magento or Prestashop.

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    SEO wise Wordpress is amazing, but I found it very difficult to really get a proper shop going on it (even with some custom coding done by a programming team). I have also tried Magento and Prestashop, but they are too 'heavy' to use, especially for my needs. OpenCart does the trick for me and I think it's also good SEO wise (I have developed themes for some of my clients and they were seeing good results from the search engines).
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    I'd go for Magento. It looks amazing, you have full control over the configuration and it can be optimized for SEO easily (just needs a few tweaks for improving OnPage SEO).
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