Amazon is suspending new accounts in China

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I was planning to venture into Amazon as a seller and found Amazon is suspending almost every new account I make. I mean I know how Amazon linking account system works but they don't give any chance to new comers. From what I learnt,the reason Amazon is doing this is because they already have enough small seller accounts and they only want better ones. Their way of suspending account is also very curious, they don't send you any email, nor they give you any sign on the login screen until you try with your username and password again and again to know the suspension.

There are many people want Amazon seller accounts in China and they don't know how to get it. My experience with opening new account is like this: after creating new account, I would want to let it be idle for a few days to see if anything happens,and a few days later it could be suspended even before I list any products. Usually they will send you some questions to answer if they consider giving you a chance, but the chances are very slim.

I want to know if anyone can give me an advice on creating a seller account and I'd be greatly appreciated.
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    If Amazon is suspending seller accounts from China, it's about DANG TIME! I know you don't want to hear that, but for YEARS China based sellers have been listing their products against existing ASINs and sending sub-par substitutes (sometimes different colors and even entirely different products), and you can see this reflected in the ratings. Some product listings China based sellers have totally and completely TRASHED with this practice.

    I don't know how you get around it especially if you're shipping from China. I would imagine that if you are going to send your products into Amazon's FBA, you could open up a bank account, and us based company and open an account from the USA. There are MANY sellers doing it this way.

    Without even trying hard, I can pull at least 20 product listings ruined by bait and switch tactics from sellers shipping out of China, so I applaud Amazon for finally cleaning up their marketplace and caring about the customer experience when it comes to this problem area.

    I love China, I love doing business with China. I enjoy competition in the marketplace. But the Chinese business ethics are different such that it's perfectly fine to send something that is "similar" to what the customer ordered (and similar can be EXTREMELY subjective). And you simply CANNOT have that in a B2C transaction in the USA (where we are governed by FTC/consumer protection laws and a bait and switch is actually illegal. Not just not allowed, but actually against the law.

    Now just waiting for the hammer to fall on Alibaba/AliExpress with these shenanigans.
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      Thanks Malia for putting it so clearly.

      Chinese suppliers are also damaging the marketplace via eBay. Those selling from China and identifying themselves as doing so are not such a problem except for the subsidized postage rates they get.

      The problem lies in those in the UK and the USA to my knowledge who get a front man to set up an eBay account in the target country and falsely advertise that the goods will be shipped from whatever town or city they live in.

      That is not completely false, because with dirt cheap postage, the real seller in China can afford to send a bulk package with several orders inside to the front man. He then repacks individually and ships them out to the local buyer.

      About the only remedy I see is for large numbers of consumers to give negative feedback when delivery times are not as advertised. Unfortunately delivery is often quoted as 3 - 14 days or sometimes more, so that gives them quite a lot of leeway.
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