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I have spent far too many hours trying to figure this one out.....gone through all the tutorials, google, WF, etc.

So...I'm hoping a woocommerce wiz from here can help me figure this out.

I know it's likely going to be something very simple...I just can't find it!

I am building a site with the WP Virtue theme and woocommerce plug in.

My site has several categories and subcategories.

When I click on a category I want the page the visitor is sent to to then display the subcategories with an image.

I have the menus all flowing properly but the subcategories are only showing on a few of the pages.

I have analyzed the pages, categories and subcategories of the ones where it's working and can see nothing different about them.

Why is this working on some pages/categories and not all of them?

Help...it's driving me nuts!

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