I am a small manufacturer open to direct dropshopping, how do I find folks looking for me?

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Howdy all. Been lurking here about a month and learning a lot. Sometimes good, sometimes overwhelming, sometimes a bit scary. But there is a ton of amazing info and a great community, so thanks.

So I'm actually posting with a question here. I keep reading discussions about finding dropshippers, about how hard it is to find manufacturers willing to dropship directly. Well, I am a manufacturer and I'm open to dropshipping. So I'm looking for suggestions on how to go about connecting with folks who might be looking, and guidance on actually structuring or getting into those deals, mistakes to be careful of, or [insert sage wisdom I don't even know I need here].

My wife and I have a fashion jewelry (body chains, foot and hand jewelry) business. We design and manufacture our own line and currently are also selling directly through eCommerce at Body Chains - Barefoot Sandals - Hand Jewelry | Nearly Naked Our jewelry is 100% original designed, made in the USA, and we're ready to scale. (We could deliver 10K units of some products in 2 weeks for wholesale). So right now we only sell directly, and it is going okay, but we have always intended to move into wholesaling, we do affiliate sales already, but it seems that there is an opportunity here for win-win for both parties as we grow.

We position our product as "elegant fashion jewelry for the modern woman," we don't sell "traditional" jewelry, only the newest body chain trends, and we aren't competing in the low price space. Rather we have a much higher quality product and really unique designs with vintage castings. If you saw (okay, probably no one here did... but I did because my wife showed me!) the latest June 2014 cover for Cosmo magazine, the model was wearing a body chain. The trend is growing!

You can see our main page with our magazine and more at Nearly Naked | Body Chain Jewelry | Barefoot Sandals | Magazine (Yes I'm aware of the SEO impacts, there was good reason but live and learn! We're undertaking an update soon. )

Okay, this is long enough already. Thank you all for all of the great content and advice you share, and in advance for any feedback in this thread.
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    Well, I sent you a message via your website on carrying your products if that helps

    Owner of LABEShops.com & 20+ Niche Online Stores as well as Scifispace.com and other sites. Recommended Host: Evolve

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      Hah, well I suppose that is certainly an answer. Thanks LABEShops. I'll reach out tomorrow. Appreciate the interest.
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    nice website by the way
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    Hello, I have a drop-shipping operation on eBay, my user id is drparlayy. I would love to discuss the possibility of selling your merchandise. Look forward to hearing from you.
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      I would like info on selling your products
      Pm me I'll give you my email
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    You could ask Andrew Youderian over at eCommerce Fuel for referrals. He has just compiled a directory of eCommerce store owners, many of whom use the drop ship model in their businesses.

    The directory is only accessible to members, so perhaps just reach out to him via email first to see if he thinks there would be anyone you could connect with.

    I also wonder whether Cora of The Lingerie Addict would be a good connection for you. Cora has a massive blog that promotes boudoir garments. Being jewellery you might not be exactly in her market, but it wouldn't hurt to reach out. Check out how massive her following is in social media and then decide whether to contact her.

    Also, I would suggest that you watermark your product photos. They are exactly the type of image that will be shared around on Pinterest.

    Without a subtle URL in the corner of each photo how will people know that you were the originator of the image?

    Obviously you'll need to be subtle, but readable. This how-to guide will help if you want to do this yourself - Should You Watermark Your Product Photos? - Small Revolution

    Founder of SmallRevolution.com
    Build your own online store, step by step.

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    Also check dropshipping forums, there are several big ones.
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