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I've got a question for all e-commerce site owners. Do you focus on several quality products on your websites or you tend to list more products regardless of their quality (of course I know that you are looking for some minimal standards)?
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    In my store, I carry 6 categories. Each category has above average quality units and higher end quality units. I think I only sell one item produced in Taiwan, and that is a lower priced unit. I don't know if I am doing perfectly, but my testing so far suggests that this is what this niche requires.
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      I believe that quality beats quantity in my experience and each site is different. There were quite a bit of products initially but I wanted to just focus on top sellers to minimize my cost. I would put up some of the products on different sites to test the market. amazon, ebay, ashop, craigslist. Take the top 5-10 or whatever the set quantity that sells then focus on them.

      An investment in knowledge pays the best interest

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      Originally Posted by justray View Post

      In my store, I carry 6 categories. Each category has above average quality units and higher end quality units. I think I only sell one item produced in Taiwan, and that is a lower priced unit. I don't know if I am doing perfectly, but my testing so far suggests that this is what this niche requires.
      I would like to add some experience regarding quality from China, Taiwan, and other countries.

      When I started my importing business in 1987 (now retired), I did so partly because I needed better quality than what I was getting locally. I tried several local manufacturers and they all provided mediocre quality, and to make matters worse they all gave poor service. I often had to wait as much as 6 weeks for them to make the items that I ordered.

      Having exported to China since 1978 I knew that many factories produced two different qualities on the same production lines, so I located some manufacturers of the product type I wanted.

      The result was that I got vastly better quality, excellent service, and what's more, the goods arrived usually in about three weeks but sometimes as little as 10 days.

      My importing business only ever sold quality goods and they were all imported from countries such as China, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Turkey, and Brazil. Most came from China.

      You don't have to settle for poor quality if you understand how Chinese business works.
      Use emotions and perceptions to build a great brand. Ask me about my book LabelsThatExploit. For safe sourcing and easy importing from 41 countries globally, see https://provenglobalsourcing.com
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    It totally depends on the niche andhow big it is. In some niches you will not be taken seriously unless you have a very broad selection.

    For example superpose you wanted to open a general book store and only had 50 books. But they were the top 50 all-time classic books. It would not be a good plan because when people shop at a book store they need lots of selection.

    However if you opened a book store focusing on Facebook Marketing then having 50 books might be more than enough.
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    Quality is important but at the same time there are people who list just very few products and pay for traffic and expect people to buy.
    Quantity gives freedom to choose...so have some products in different categories for people to select

    secondly, also offer pricing options

    some like affordable products and some will go for expensive ones

    Good luck
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    That's a good question. I will reply to your question as a consumer, which is what we all are at some point and time. Let's say I walk into your store. I buy this great product. I get home, love it, Facebook it, and tell everyone I know about it. Oh, you've gotta go to such and such's store.

    Another day, I walk into your store basing this shopping experience on my past one. I buy product B and get home with it. I find that it's horrible. I'm disappointed, but I give you another chance.

    I come back again and buy product C. Again, it's terrible. The likelihood of me returning is very bleak.

    I don't know what type of product you're selling, but from a consumers point-of-view, it's better to deliver quality over quantity. Not everyone will be happy no matter what you have, but a happy customer is a repeat customer.

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    I am going to continue in Cynthia's vane...I get a lot of IM FREE products. I know that many great products exist but new to IM, not making much money, you just gotta crawl before you run.
    In my personal life, I look for value. Against similar products at every price point. Everyone has a specific reason why they spend big dollars on a specific product which you may never know UNLESS you ask. I spend big dollars ( $300-$500)on shoes because I am diabetic.
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    For me Quanity works well, the more the better. even though quality is really important
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    i think quality & quality both is important for e-commerce business. you have all types customer so fullfil their desire you should carry both.
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