Got my niche chosen, but my products/suppliers don't dropship!

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I have written several professional letters to a few brands in my niche, and they all responded that they do not dropship to online websites. They only sell to brick and mortor shops.

I know I can out rank my competitors in this niche. What would you guys do in this type of scenario. Should I look somewhere else? Im going to need these branded products to compete..

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    If you choose a niche that doesn't dropship then you either need to reconsider your niche or start taking stock of that product. I know sometimes you can convince supplies after you've made a few sales but that's not always possible. Good luck!

    keep moving forward

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    A couple suggestions.

    Call and talk to the Sales Managers at those companies (don't email). See if they have any flexibility regarding drop shipping. Sometimes if you place an order and carry some merchandise then they will do drop shipping.

    Honestly a lot of companies aren't that eager to work with drop shippers so you have to be a squeaky wheel and prove you are serious.

    If that doesn't work and you feel strongly about this nice here is another idea. Partner with a brick and mortar retailer who carries this merchandise. Use their inventory while you focus on the site and generating traffic. Of course you will be splitting the profit with them but in some niches this can be a win-win.

    There are LOTS AND LOTS of small retailers who want to sell online but they have no idea how to make it happen. Basically every retailer is getting smacked hard by Amazon and Walmart so they are usually open to ways to generate extra sales.
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    I've found it easiest to approach eBay sellers.

    We run 3 stores on this model.

    They already stock your product, are good at shipping efficiently and are always in need of more sales.

    You can use your store to act as an 'affiliate' for them by taking a set commission. When you have a good number of sales you can go back and approach the dropshippers/manufacturers.

    The manufacturers usually don't want to upset their existing retail chain for the sake of a few dollars from you. Once you have more momentum then perhaps they'll pay more attention to you.

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    I would look into using Amazon fulfillment. You can purchase your products from the company and have them sent to an Amazon fulfillment center. Amazon offers the multi channel fulfillment which allows you to sell products on your site and have them shipped that way - FBA Multi-Channel Fulfillment

    It's a possible route since your companies won't drop-ship
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      SmallRevolution, would you mind telling us more about your model? I am a AMZN seller and am looking to approach local companies with your model.

      How do you approach manufacturers, suppliers, retailers?

      Do you use an agreement with the company to post their items in your store?

      What keeps them from pulling the rug out from under you once sales start?

      What type of suppliers seem to be most open to this idea and/or which product lines work best?

      Any other tips or advice on making this work? Thanks for your contribution.
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