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I have been looking every where for a good price free shipping clothing. No luck at all. Would any one shoot me some directions...please and many thanks
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    You are asking for free shipping or free theme for clothing store, what do you want?
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  • What my question is is: Are you looking solely for free shipping? Or are you looking for the cheapest price?

    All too often people are jaded by the fact that 'free shipping' looks like the greatest deal, when they forget to calculate the total cost of acquisition.

    Remember, math is required when looking at the total cost of goods sold.

    Although all of my products are labeled 'free shipping' to the actual market worth of the item, I am not that judicious when I purchase.

    I purchase on the lowest price, regardless of whether or not they charge shipping.

    90 dollars plus 10 dollars shipping is the same as 100 and free.

    In addition, if someone is charging 60 dollars plus 10 dollars shipping, and you're only looking for ones that have free shipping - and the only one available is 80 dollars and free shipping - you're going to lose quite a bit.

    I'd re-think your acquisition strategy.
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    Selling clothing online is a huuuuuuuge pain in the *** ! Make sure you have solid nerves of steel if you are going to do it. So many things go wrong along the way and you end up footing the bill.

    Make sure you partner with good people or else you'll end up with a chargeback problem and an attorney general making threats !

    Good luck !
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