Are custom eBay designs more or less relevant today?

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It's an interesting time for eBay design - are high mobile use and Cassini's (rumoured) difficulty with HTML making custom shop/listing designs less relevant?

Or is branding and design more important than ever, to differentiate your business from the competition?

For those who think it's still important, here's the latest Web Retailer article - on how to choose an eBay store and listing designer.

How to Choose an eBay Store and Listing Designer
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  • Yeah, I read it.

    Yes, I know mobile use is increasing.

    Here's the thing, though.

    Even on a mobile device, you can still have amazing visual appeal. And with mobile phones getting bigger as the market demand is necessitating that, a listing designer is still a good idea.

    One mistake that an eBayer would make NOT putting a listing designer in their descriptions and assuming that they are JUST getting mobile traffic.

    Alienating all of their desktop/tablet traffic.

    Imagine having a website and assuming all of your traffic is JUST from mobile users, or visa versa Just desktop traffic?

    You would just sit there and be confused as to why your conversion rates are so low - if you never segmented out from which devices they were coming from.

    eBay listings themselves need to be viewed as a 'web page' that need to 'funnel traffic' to a desired action. If not a purchase, at least an offer. If not an offer, at least a watcher. (Or a bid)

    All of these actions increase the views to actions ratio which, in turn, increase the rank of the listing itself in the search engines.

    If this can be exploited - then your competitors cannot compete with you.

    Once your competition is convinced they need to buy your item AND from you, the sale has been made.

    A listing designer helps in the 'professionalism' of that listing.

    And on a mobile device, you can still help the professionalism of the description by visually increasing its justification/color, etc.

    And don't forget - it doesn't have to be how the description looks - so much as HOW you say it that will make the sale.

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