How can one Auto update prices daily/weekly of affiliate product

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Hello Everyone,
I've a strange question of which i've not found any answers.

1. There is a Table with Affiliate Name / Price / Affiliate Link
How can i Auto update the Price of the Product daily or weekly without Someone manually updating.

2. Is there a script available to fetch the Price of the product, like click here to get the latest price?

3. If it is possible that please help, how can it be done?

4. In some cases there are multiple affiliates selling the same product but at slightly different prices. Is it possible to auto fetch the prices of each item via their respective affiliate links?

5. I Know it is possible to do but i lack the knowledge of coding. Is there such a plugin that can be used with WooCommerce?

Please Help!! This is the only issue delaying my affiliate E-Kart start up fully via the woocommerce
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