How do I drive traffic to this site.

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the content/product updation is almost through.
I am active on Facebook/Twitter/G+ since last 3 days. However, have yet to cross 50 likes on my FB page for this site.

Any ideas how do I drive traffic and conversion on this site?
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    Some tips and ideas to bring traffic to your website.

    1. Your website should have valuable ( unique and informative ) content in it.
    2. Always try to think in users point of view. They probably seeking for more information for what they have come for. So insert few internal links which should navigate to other pages that contains more additional information.
    3. Share in social media. It plays a huge role to drive traffic to your website. Be active in your social media profile. Try to share at least one information per day.
    4. Use multiple community websites to share and interact with more business people.It makes them to get an exposure about your website.
    5. And other promotional activities like guest post, directories and comments.
    6. Also, if you are ready to invest. You can even run ads which would work even faster.
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    email list would be considerable and the best way!!!
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      And social media projects should be an easy start.
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    I agree with Jennifer's points above. Regarding social media, Pinterest could be big for you. It's perfect, and hugely popular, for your fashion niche.

    Google Pinterest success stories and see what others are doing to drive traffic and sales from Pinterest...copy their methods and tailor them to your site.
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    The first thing you need is to update your site always with the current market. If users will find always new and updated things on your website, they will attract towards your website. You can also do SEO for your website, It is one of the best ways to get traffic.
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  • Use a dcpm model to drive traffic targetting India. add me on skype michael.mediashakers and we can see if we can work together.
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    SEO for sure, that is a must to work on or hire someone who knows what they are doing because without SEO you won't have the organic search results traffic you need.SEO is helping to boost your websites on Google search engine and you'd want to be as high up on the ranks as possible should anyone be searching for keywords pertaining to what you have to offer.Its really great that already have started on the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Start Engaging with your customers is extremely crucial in all sorts of branding in this era.Keep update you customer about your brand so that they know that you are alive.

    Hope this will help you.All the best.

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    Thanks for the advices.

    As fas as SEO goes, I am working on it. I am doing stuff such as alt tagging the images I use, trying to post useful in product explanation on pages & using only appropriate meta information. No meta keyword overloading as I understand it might end up killing my rankings instead. I am not aiming to achieve high ranks on any search engine quickly. I genuinely believe and want to grow on the search rankings organically, by regularly updating products and driving social engagement, and not keyword stuffing my pages.

    I have been using Facebook CPM ads over the last 2 days or so. With a very targeted audience of about 260k, I have been able to get approx. 700 visitors, with a cost per website click averaging at about 2 cents, and CPM which averages about $2/1000 impressions. There are two campaigns running, one for page likes, and one for webpage visits. I had to scrap the page likes for a couple of reasons -

    1. It was costing me approx $2/page like even on a custom audience.
    2. It didn't seem like worth the investment since in India fans are hardly engaged on pages of most popular online brands e.g. look at these pages - - 3 million likes and not even 50 fans have engaged with any of the latest posts. This is India's largest e-retailer. - >3 million likes, low engagement in comparison, better than flipkart though.

    Anyways, the point was, paying FB to make people like my page didn't make any sense to me at this early stage. So I scrapped the like campaign & continued with my Clicks to website, and added a "FB Social Gate" on my home page to get "likes" from the visitors.

    Now the problem is conversions. 2 days later even with a targeted audience, and 700 hits in total, I have ZERO sales. I am running offers such as "get a discount for liking the page" and general discount till next week, to drive up the sales. If I had some sales I could keep reinvesting those funds into ads.

    So that's the story so far. Would really appreciate if you guys can suggest how to drive the sales now.
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    Since Facebook is hindering posts from showing up on feeds, it isn't nearly as useful as it used to be. I've all but abandoned my FB pages in favor of Google+. Posting links to Google+ will also get your site indexed faster.

    Need great content that increases your page rank or gets more attention on social media?
    Check me out!

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    Well, I can say that conversion is now one of the problems. Over the last 15 hours since I posted I've had additional 300 odd visitors through FB campaign but no sales.
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    Originally Posted by ASG1123 View Post

    Home - Women's online shopping for fashion apparel, accessories, bags, jewellary, dresses, jeans, kurtas, kurtis, sarees, shoes, footwear, sandals, heels, innerwear, lingerie and much more! ยป

    the content/product updation is almost through.
    I am active on Facebook/Twitter/G+ since last 3 days. However, have yet to cross 50 likes on my FB page for this site.

    Any ideas how do I drive traffic and conversion on this site?
    Is you your Fan page monitized? If not that's something you should definitely look into doing
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      Originally Posted by theendof925job View Post

      Is you your Fan page monitized? If not that's something you should definitely look into doing
      Something at later stage may be. I am posting offers from my website to the page. Since I've only started off I think linking to external offers at a nascent stage might rebound.
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    Here are some ideas for getting traffic:

    - PPC (like google adwords)
    - Video Marketing (especially via YouTube)
    - here at Yahoo! Answers
    - do SEO
    - submit articles
    - Squidoo and Hubpages
    - Forum and Blog commenting
    - Craigslist
    - Social Networking and Bookmarking
    - email marketing
    - Ad Swaps / Solo Ads

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    1- Youtube Video Marketing (create engaging video and youtube it for quick exposure.
    2- SEO
    3- Forum posting with link in the signature
    4- social bookmarking
    5- Squidoo and Hubpages
    6- email marketing
    From 64-85% Viewers are More Likely to Buy After Watching a Product Video.
    We Offer Professional Animated Explainer Video Creation + Youtube Marketing Services
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    Check out these blog posts it will surely help you out in generating both traffic to your site and conversion on your site;
    2) The 6 Best Ways To Drive INSTANT Traffic To Your Website
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    You have to implement some active strategies or tips to raise the conversion rate of a traffic. These strategies are like any online company must have several rules on the basis of which you have to generate leads to convert there visitors to an action. The look and feel of the website created should be professional. Capturing more and more information will help to generate the traffic to website, due to increase in cyber crime created website should be trustworthy and secure. Customer reviews are the most necessary things to generate the traffic to any website so try to enhance the reviews of the customer.
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    Head ups. Your popup is black try to fix this
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