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Hi guys,

I would really appreciate it if I could get some feedback on this store. Brutally honest criticisms welcome on any part of the store.

The Coffee Table Place - Shop for Coffee Tables Online

In particular, the home page and product pages. The conversion rate for the site is abysmal, and am looking for an outside perspective.

Thank you for your help, and let me know if I can return the favor : )
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    Site looks really good!

    I would suggest maybe changing the color of the add to cart button. It should stand out, most high converting sites have an add to cart button that contrasts most colors on the site. Right now its very simillar to the rest of the orange on the page.

    Also, you might want to get a solid SSL seal. You can get a good one for $100 but it's a trust seal which will increase visitor confidence.

    What are your current traffic sources?
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      First of all, thank you so much for taking the time to give me some feedback. : )

      jta89 - Thanks for the compliment! Definitely need to work on making a bigger Add to Cart button, for sure. Any recommendations on the SSL seal to get?

      As far as traffic sources, I'm using Amazon Sponsored Product Ads, TheFind, and Google PLAs. Virtually all of my traffic comes from Google PLAs. I don't rank well at the moment, so no search engine traffic. I really haven't sent all that much traffic to the site, about 250 sessions.

      Intrepreneur - Very insightful comments, thank you!

      Any ideas on making it clearer that the customer has added the item to the cart? Would you recommend just tweaking the colors or taking them straight to checkout immediately? I've been looking at competitors, and most of them either have a pop up window that gives them the option to go straight to checkout, or just takes them there directly.

      You're absolutely right. I would say my USP is free shipping on everything and a 5% discount on everything (with use of discount code), and I feel that's made clear on the site up top. Other than that, I think including information regarding my lowest price guarantee and shipping and return policies would be beneficial. At the moment, all that stuff is hidden down in the footer.

      Definitely agree on making the Add to Cart button stand out a bit more, as well as removing the reviews.

      I actually don't have an issue with "Hours of Operation", but I'd be curious to hear your reasoning behind changing it.

      The color scheme doesn't really sit well with me either. I don't have much experience with color marketing, so I'm going to be doing some digging. Offhand, do you know of any resources/articles that discuss this in detail? How I'm guessing it would work, is you would pin down your target customer (age and demographic) and find a combination of colors that appeal to them. From those colors, you would choose a combination that serves to bolster your brand and fits your niche.

      As for your question, I'll be taking payment directly from the consumer.

      mikehermy - Admittedly this is true, though I've talked with many successful eCommerce owners that directly copy and paste the manufacturer's description and get number one rankings by targeting the SKU#'s, product names, and manufacturer's names in the title tag, the first sentence of every description, and the alt tags. I've done this and am experimenting to see what I can get away with.

      It's definitely something to consider though. I've done personalized descriptions before, and it was a pretty dreadful process. If I have a positive ROI through paid traffic, I would prefer to just scale that up.
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        I don't understand the hours of operation at the top. I've got multiple places I can drive to and buy a coffee table in person during regular store hours. Will I not get good service if I try to buy from you after 6pm?
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          That's a good point ftango. Think I should just nix it?
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    First look was when I press add to cart it is not clear that I have added as it just appears a small grey-line message along the top saying it's been added.

    Maybe think of a way to make this more clear.

    Another thing that isn't clear... is why I should buy from you.

    There is no company slogan either.

    Think of the best USP possible and make me bite on that. From looking around the site I feel no reason to bite.

    Also when you look at the add to cart button, it's very small.

    Where the section of customer reviews is, I would personally hide this unless a customer has placed a review.

    In that area I would also add another buy button.

    "Hours of Operation" sounds rather horrid. Maybe rethink that.

    The color theory I'm not so sure of either. Orange and turquoise don't feel like a good fit for me. Off-putting and distracting. Try orange a grey..

    There's lots to think about here, namely the power of influence.

    Also, is this affiliate or taking payment direct from consumer?
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    I just put several of your products descriptions through copyscape and it looks like the descriptions you are using on your products are the exact descriptions that are being used on dozens of other sites on the web. I realize it's not fun to write content, but you cannot expect Google to rank your site higher than other websites when you have the exact same content as them. Use a service like or to rewrite each products description to make your site more unique.
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