Anyone noticing a drop in sales the last few weeks

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I run a few ecommerce sites, selling stuff I ship myself from Brazil around the world.
Since that last big scare regarding hacked accounts from the CIA I noticed a real drop in my sales. EBay and Amazon are holding up OK, but direct sales from my personal blogs have taken a major hit - maybe 50% less sales compared to 2013 figures.

Being as the drop was so sudden, and that viewer figures remain pretty constant, I can only think people are being more cautious.

Any opinions?
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    I have seen some decline in sales in certain niches after the announcement was made, but it hasn't been anything near as drastic as what you mentioned. I would speculate that you had a drop in rankings, however you stated that the viewer figures are the same...Perhaps this is a direct correlation to the scare, if so things should pick back up again soon as consumer confidence builds.

    I had an incident happen on one of my sites and found out that I had a few bad links that caused a major drop in my rankings...

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  • Check your Google Webmaster Tools. They can usually tell you if there is an issue.

    In addition - the Google Hummingbird update just came out, so if there was an issue in how you generated your relevancy/popularity, that might be the case.

    At any rate, always focus on your product/idea first, marketing second, and technology third. Marketing should be done BECAUSE of who you are - not 'just to see how it goes.'

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