Competing on Amazon with Merchant Fullfilled and FBA sellers

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If I see 29 listings for used and the lowest price starts at 19.98 , and I'm an FBA seller, should I sell at 44.15 used for FBA like the other FBA sellers have or should I sell at the lowest price at 19.98 and compete with the merchant fulfilled sellers?

What's the best price to price my item at? Here is the listing

Healing The Dying: 9780766825727: Medicine &...Healing The Dying: 9780766825727: Medicine &...
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    People will pay more for FBA, but its not like it was 2 years ago with 29 listings for used with the bottom price of 19.98 and still be able to sell the item for $35 - the price difference between MF and FBA is a lot smaller now.

    I'm FBA too, and I compete against MF on items with a mid level rank based on category if there are a lot of MF and FBA sellers. If the rank is high, then I compete really closely with the lowest seller.
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      So is the lowest price usually the one which gets the most buys, even if there is a much higher FBA price?
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        Originally Posted by bigfoot12 View Post

        So is the lowest price usually the one which gets the most buys, even if there is a much higher FBA price?
        Yes, but it isn't always the case. Amazon Prime members will spend more to get the Free and Super Saver Shipping with 2 Day Delivery.

        I don't usually list as the lowest price, I'll keep an item in my inventory for a couple months that might be 10% higher than the lowest price because once the lowest price item sells, I might be the next cheapest seller so I will make the sale, and make a little more money but the sale isn't as fast.

        I'm highly focused on Q4 Sales. I price mostly everything to sell at what I expect is a good price in Q4, and I'm happy if an item doesn't sell until then.

        In regards to my previous statement, that is for items with a really good rank where I compete closely with the lowest MF Seller..
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    I think sometimes it depends on the category and the exact product. A used book may appeal to more people than something else such as a used coffee maker or blender. When dealing with books I would be sure to study all your competition not just FBA.
    I usually price my items as the lowest FBA and ignore the merchant fulfilled offers altogether, unless there are not other FBA sellers of course. I also decided a while ago to stay away from books and CDs as there seems to be so many of them available and many are low priced.
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