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How many of you run your ecommerce site with a smart phone. Many people do, I have read. I have a colleague who swears he does all from his smart phone: tweaks his site, calls, orders, email, banking, etc. (I don't know how he does it from his little screen smartphone.) He insists that he is on the run so much that he has to, many times from the road, coffee shops, etc. I have another friend who sells books online, quite successfully, and he has no smartphone. He says he does most of his from his office at home--he carries a simple flip phone. He does takes many calls while we are having coffee, simply saying "I'll have to get back to you on that when I get into the office."
My question is, how many of you find it easy to do many business-related things from your smartphone? Does it make it easier? Or, are you one who believes that business will be taken care of in the office, and time away from the office should be just that: time away from the office? I know, business is a 24/7 proposition. What about certain apps which make things a little bit smoother? A lot of questions, I know. What's your experience?
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    I used to run an eCommerce business from my smart phone. Well, I did about 85% of my tasks from my phone. It was an online service that kind of ran itself. All I really had to do was answer an occasional email or sometimes troubleshoot an issue, or manage my PayPal account. I had downloaded a couple of apps to help me view and edit my database.

    It's certainly possible, and sometimes necessary if you're a lean operation and you want to provide great customer service.

    That said, I would much rather do those kinds of things from my desktop.
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    With a good Android or iPhone you can do almost anything online, including run an ecommerce business. However this is certainly not optimal. I definitely prefer a desktop or laptop.
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      I am probably one of those rare people who only really uses my smartphone as a phone. Well, and a camera. I cannot imagine running my stores from such a small screen. Though honestly I am always home aka in my office and never travel so that might make a difference.

      I do some small things from my tablet, but never on my phone.

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    This is why the smart phone industry is on rise man... Smart phones are no more than only now. Lots of folks do it.

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    Now a days smart phones plays important role in everyones life to connect with your friends, audience and customers at every time by online apps and social media. Also android apps now a days makes easier to handle our business website from our smartphone.

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    For my ecommerce business, all done through my phone except listing new products to my site.

    You can save a lot of time when you get a new phone that run fast with good connection. It make your task easier and can do a lot of job any time any where.

    Now I'm using my phone to reply this post too. Lol.
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    Sure, it can be done but that would be like a building a house with a handsaw and a hammer instead of using the best tools at your disposal.

    I use my phone for most day to day tasks when I'm out and about but I would never attempt to run my entire operation from it. It would take 10x as long to perform normal tasks.
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    Since I work from home, both my desktop PC and my Smartphone are available, so I would never both struggling with a small screen when my desktop computer is right here.
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    With a Smart phone you can do your work or run your e-commerce business lot easier than on the laptop or PC & you can also take it where ever you want.....
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      I don't know that there's any one right answer to this.

      I mean...George R.R. Martin writes all those Game of Thrones books on 20-year-old software.

      Really, the right answer is just whatever works best for you.

      A lot of people positively swear by their smartphones. I know I'm one of them. Look at it this way: you've got a tiny, awesome computer in your pocket. Oh, and it makes phone calls!

      If you're one who embraces tech, then yeah. A smartphone is going to help you run your online business in a ton of different ways. A tablet won't hurt, either.

      Can you run your biz without one? Of course you can.

      But I really don't think that having a smartphone to help you run your online store is ever going to hurt you. Unless you're just totally technologically inept (in which case...maybe online selling isn't the niche for you?), there isn't really an instance wherein using your smartphone to help you run your online business is going to make things MORE complicated.

      Tools are as useful as we make them! Just like the Internet: you can use it to learn everything there is to know about selling online...or you can play mad Farmville. Or both! It's up to you.

      _ Sean B.
      Solid Commerce

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