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I am currently purchasing cell phone accessories from China. I have been in business for one month. What I have been doing is selling the products on Ebay. However, I have notice the professionalism an Ebay store demonstrates. And concluded that I have to set up an Ebay store to generate more revenue as well to provide security to future customers. With that being said, I will like to ask for advice on how to set up an Ebay store. Can you guys help with my project? Any suggestions.
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    Get a good template done!
    Get listings done & make them optimized
    Promote them also to get more traffic.
    If you are already selling hot items, you will not find much issues.
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    Hi, I would suggest getting an Ebay store professionally designed as it will enable you to build more trust with your customers and also enables them to be able to locate the items they are looking for. The default ebay store templates are not very good nor professional and no doubt all your competitors will have professionally designed ebay stores so it is best not to be left behind. Yes there is an initial cost in getting a store designed but it will makes things much easier and it will increase sales for you so it is certainly worthwhile to do this in the long run especially if you are serious in making your Ebay business a real success. There are lots of companies out there that can do this for you but prices vary and some of them charge a monthly or annual hosting fee so be wary of this. Hopefully that helps


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  • What my question is: What made you decide to sell those items?

    Have you done the research on them? The competition/demand/commercial intention research?

    Do you know the profitability on them? The exact items? Or did you just to a 'category' search (which most people do and is very detrimental)

    How does having a store generate more revenue? Yes, your fees go down slightly, but what are you doing to increase your views-to-actions ratio? (Overall rankings?)

    Most people think that selling items for a low price increases your turnover, when it's actually your rankings.

    I'm just curious as your process that led you into this market, when that market has deterred so many others.
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    another thing to consider if that if you are selling lots of items with low profit but high volume then the most likely scenario is that it will be labour intensive as you will need people to package items all day long and not to mention the space needed for such an operation.

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    Look at what matters to your customers, then meet those needs. Setting up an eBay store is pretty simple. Make sure you emphasize your products and any guarantees or other advantages you offer over your competition. My biggest recommendation would be to keep the tacky graphics and other peripheral distractions that tempt other eBay store owners out of your own store.
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    I heavily agree with AuctionDebtEliminator (as per usual).

    If something isn't working for your business, turn to the data. If you aren't making data a huge part of your waking moments (as a business owner, at least), you should be.

    Data doesn't submit to opinions. Data doesn't change its mind. It never adjusts its privacy policies, it doesn't change its fees, and it doesn't hide itself on tough-to-find corners of the web.

    Your data is always there, and your data is always your friend, holding insanely valuable secrets and insights into your business and always ready to tell them to you when you decide to ask it.

    I would do the reserach that ADE recommended, and make sure to keep a close eye on your performance levels, data, and information from here on out. That way you'll always know what's working and what isn't.

    _ Sean B.
    Solid Commerce

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    Go to AuctionProTemplates.com. We can build a complete custom eBay Store and Listing for $397, if you provide mockup. Add $100 if we create it.
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