Pros and Cons of DS Domination

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What are the pros and cons of ds domination?
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    it sucks and i was in it. read this

    Is Ebay dead Looks like it.

    Is Ebay dead Looks like it.

    Thu Jun 19 09:53:46 2014
    Sad to say but eBay is DEAD ! The hack ??? Google search ??? BOTH ? Whatever, this is the absolute poorest i have ever been since selling on the site since the 1990's
    I must state that this started after the hack announcement at eBay.
    This might be the final think that kills off eBay. It sure as heck demoloshed me, I sell a high demand item for this time of year and nothing, nothing, nothing !
    I told my spouse, a paper boy earns more delivering papers than me a TRS with 16+ years of selling on eBay, it is THAT BAD !
    And I did get an email to my eBay email address thanking me for creating an account, but that was on another site, and it was AFTER the hack announcement, and it was from the site that sent it to me, they were ery perplexed as to why this person used my email address to register an account on an online site ?
    In the mean time, the CEO just plugs along as though all is well.
    It isn't well ! If I am TRS, almost perfect DEFECT rating, popular product, and good placement in Best Match, and making less than a paper boy, for working all week, then the site is DEAD !
    Looks like the buyers and sellers have had enough, and the hack is what did it ! All Mr. Donahoe is worried about is how to inflict more pain on the remaining sellers who can't even earn a living no more !
    You want buyers eBay ??? then be friendlier to the sellers ! Buyers go where the sellers are ! Without sellers, there are no buyers !
    Want to boost your stock eBay ??? Be more friendly to sellers again, encourage them to come back, and not be put out of business by silly ratings and defects, if you became sellers friendly again, then you would draw back tons and toms of sellers, which in turn would draw back the buyers.
    I mean this hack has SERIOUSLY crippled my income more than anything ever in 16+ years on eBay !
    This is very serious, I think the buyers are gone ! This is not a typical summer slowdown, this is a GHOST TOWN !
    With 11main coming soon, this is not good for eBay or any of us Loyal sellers to eBay who can't give something away after the hack, and google search issue !


    Epic Jowels*Same thing here, my sales have dropped a good 25 - 30 percent since the hack.
    June 20 at 5:18am*·*Unlike*·*2

    Stanislav Spon*For me it's much worse.... Considering that I am selling twice as many products now and I still ship less than before then it's horrible ...
    June 20 at 5:20am*·*Unlike*·*1

    Stanislav Spon*up until now I used to list a lot of auctions. Starting price was always 99 cent and my product would always end up around $30. Now it's around $4-$5
    June 20 at 5:23am*·*Like

    Stanislav Spon*going from 250 views only to 30-50 views ...
    June 20 at 5:24am*·*Like*·*3

    Kev Bacon*Ebay is as dead as the dodo for me. I'm clearing out loads of tools but its virtually a waste of time putting them on ebay. They sell far better at a car boot,I don't really know whats happening at ebay but it sure looks terminal.
    June 20 at 8:21am*·*Like*·*4

    Rich Vernadeau*It would seem that a number of adverse factors have converged at once to give eBay a few difficulties.
    June 20 at 9:21am*·*Like*·*2

    Andrea Kachudas*My theory is that views and sales down because eBay is throttling all small sellers so we miss their benchmarks and fail out, or we get fed up and quit. I don't think it has anything to do with the hacking incident.
    June 20 at 7:19pm*·*Like*·*4

    Judy Cox*Just joined Pricefalls. You pay $19.95 plus a final value fee. You don't have to use the evil twin PayPal. The listing show on Pricegrabber for one. Check it out. Good luck to Everyone
    June 21 at 11:09am*·*Like*·*1

    Janilyn Rose*I sympathize with you Stanislav Spon. I am close to going out of business. I have been researching everything I can since this whole mess started and see that its only getting worse. I have literally been sitting at my desk 18 hrs a day for the last 2 months trying to figure out what to do. As a Psych major I am really tuned into analyzing everything and I keep running in circles. I tested out some of my items and the only place they can be found is on, UK or AU. Nothing on is even more surprising is that I recently set up an account with Bonanza and 100% of my items are on the 1st page of Google shopping...Go figure...I have over 1000 new items that are just sitting here and I refuse to waste anymore time listing on ebay but like the rest of you...What else can we do? In the past, I have rolled with the punches and waited things out and eventually things turned around again but this time I am very worried...I am new here so still reading up on what others are now doing as an alternative...
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    Stanislav Spon*I am very sorry to hear that that things aren't working for you and I really mean it. I wish I could help you but there is nothing I personally can do to change your situation. Things haven't been great on eBay since March of this year. But since late May it's absolutely ridiculous slow. It's not even the end of this month and I already owe $3000+ to eBay in fees ....
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    Janilyn Rose*Thanks. I am sorry too because thru the years I always had faith in my business covering my butt in the end up to now. I work too hard to be this poor! Jump thru every hoop ebay gives me and do everything I can to market my business for sales. I know exactly what you mean and what you are going thru. I have already made plans to start selling my personal belongings to pay the bills....The past 6 months has been declining and getting worse by the day. 75% of my business is gone.............................a decade of work gone in a flash!**I have never bad mouthed ebay but this is getting real now!
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    Stanislav Spon*Again dear Rose I sincerely feel sorry for you because no good eBay seller deserve what you and many more are going through. But my suggestion is to keep looking for new products to sell and to never give up. I am not giving up yet. Even though I lost about 75% of business this year because I was able to find more products to sell I am currently selling as many products as I sold before this tragedy begun. So what i am trying to say is, dedication and never giving up are the most important aspects that one must practice, especially right now. You must never give up. I know it's easier said than done but it's true. I have an unstoppable desire to be successful and I will reach my goal no matter how stormy the weather is on eBay. Repeat after me! Never give up! Like a soldier going through a battlefield.
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    Janilyn Rose*Thank you. I couldn't agree with you more. ebay has been my life for the past decade or more. Sales have dropped 75% for me too. I never bad mouth them and always had faith that things would turn around which they did. I don't mind paying the fees because the return was providing me with a good income and no other platform could compete with the buying power they have. I am running scared right now because I have never seen things so bad. I felt as tho anytime I did complain, someone had that "magical switch" that got turned off and my items disappeared. I always followed policy and kept up with the latest requirements. That is why I have a 100% perfect record with ebay. I still today hope that it will turn around again like it always had but have to also find alternative ways to sell my products. I recently spent my entire savings buying new products to sell. Much better than what I currently have listed but they are just sitting here.....I am a die hard and will not go down with out a fight and will not give up! I have been working tirelessly for the past few months and am exhausted.....I am beaten but not yet broken.....But getting close! I still have faith*
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    Judy Cox*Go to 11 Main and send a seller request. They don't have any commissions for the first few mo- after than it is 3.5%. No paypal unless you want it. The reps are very friendly and respond quickly to emails. Good luck!
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    Iva Bigun*"Sad to say but eBay is DEAD..." - More action in Forest Lawn Cemetery on a Wednesday night.
    Visit my blog to receive helpful information, tips and techniques, plus get some quality products!

    Enjoy and learn and have fun: http://YourSuccessUnlimited.Net
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    You dont need to pay them $20 a month to "drop ship" items from Amazon, Walmart, Overstock, Wayfair etc. on Ebay. DS Domination was purely created for the MLM program.

    And Ebay is not dead but they are evolving.
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      Originally Posted by cjshu99 View Post

      You dont need to pay them $20 a month to "drop ship" items from Amazon, Walmart, Overstock, Wayfair etc. on Ebay. DS Domination was purely created for the MLM program.

      And Ebay is not dead but they are evolving.
      I agree with this statement. I signed up for one month of DS Domination and it's mostly just a bunch of fluff and crap that is useless, like their Amazon price tracker tool for example.

      I'll sum it up:
      Find product on Amazon that you can make a profit from selling on eBay, keeping in mind eBay/Paypal fees and sales taxes that Amazon charges. That's all.

      That being said, it's a major hassle since the prices on amazon fluctuate so often, sometimes drastically.

      On top of that, so many people are already doing it that they've driven the price for these products on eBay down to the point where you're lucky to make $1 per sale. I've spent countless hours doing this program and it's basically a fruitless effort. The amount I've profited is so tiny that it hasn't been worth the effort.

      As stated, eBay is going through some policy changes in a couple of weeks, and these changes are guaranteed to wipe out any small time sellers of New merchandise.

      There is still going to be some hope for eBay sellers of antiques, vintage, unusual, and generally hard to find merchandise. As far as new, current merchandise, this is a new era in the eBay world, and small time sellers will be quickly eliminated by the big box stores.

      That being said, if you still decide to go forth with DSD (which I do not recommend), feel free to message me if you'd like any specific advice.

      And yes, the only profit to be made from DSD is from MLM, and even that fire has burnt out by this point, as people realize they don't need to fork over their money month after month to DSD.
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    Also, forgot to mention that the DSD website is complete and utter GARBAGE, full of bugs and glitches, freezes up, just a complete heap of crap. I don't think I've ever had the displeasure of frequenting such a horrendous website, and was overjoyed to cancel membership and never see it again.
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    I also joined DS MLM and cancelled in one week The MLM is where to get the money if you really want to do that. NOT
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    - It depends where the dropshipper is located. (If they're from a foreign country, delivery could take a while, usually 1 to 3 weeks.

    - You don't have your own products, therefore, you cannot control the packaging.

    Just some cons.
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    One of the main cons is that you lose your privileges on selling on eBay - Forever.

    DSD is based on theory of eCommerce arbitrage. You find something selling cheap on Amazon, then offer it for sale on eBay, and thus use Amazon as a dropshipper. What a lot of people don't know is that you can still profit pretty well by actually buying the things on Amazon and eBay, getting it into their possession, and selling on their opposing platforms for an increased price without having to work with the hassles of shipping stuff out to customers and instead using a fulfillment service. The only thing you have to learn is why there is a price fluctuation between the two, and when will it go back up.
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      Hey Silas, can you elaborate more on "getting it into their possession, and selling on their opposing platforms"?
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        DS Domination works first of all.

        eBay isn't dead, far from it. Yes they got Google Panda slapped, but they are investing in advertisements go get their search levels back.

        The biggest problem with DS Domination was when the suppliers they use run out of stock or price change, but they just introduced a new software where it integrates your eBay account with DS Domination and the suppliers.

        You can set the profit at $30 or whatever you want and it will monitor your suppliers for you. If the price goes up, the tool increases your price on eBay, if the item goes out of stock, the tool takes it off the listing automatically. When you set the profit margin to let's say $30, it will take account seller fee's, taxes etc and maintain your profit margin you desire.

        eBay also has their own ranking algorithm like Google which is now taught in DS Domination. Most of the keywords I go for ranks on the first page of the eBay searches.

        The program is great for the right people. It's only for people that want to make money and not for the people who just want to "TRY IT".
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        Originally Posted by sirk63 View Post

        Hey Silas, can you elaborate more on "getting it into their possession, and selling on their opposing platforms"?
        right now, you could browse eBay for new items in the $15-$20 price range with good rank on Amazon that you can expect to sell for $35 or more through Amazon FBA during the 4th Quarter. Finding the items with this profit potential is the same as looking for items for DS Domination, except that you buy them, and then ship them out to Amazons' fulfillment centers. You can also buy on Amazon at the lowest market value, and hold for 4-5 months and then it's possible that most sellers (including Amazon) has sold out of the item, leaving you as one of the few sellers of an item on eBay and Amazon, and with Amazon Multichannel Fulfillment, its easy to sell on both venues (like dropshipping with DS Domination.)

        I focus on items with a rank of 40-75k in about 7 big categories from the previous 4th quarter. The market for a lot of these items hit about 75k-125k and receive very few sales in the first 3 quarters, and depending on the category, they reach their lowest value point before increasing in the 4th Quarter - at which point, I've bought my competitors items as they were selling them for rock bottom prices, and then I send them back in early September and then try to sell them for the popular $35 price point (free super saver shipping for Amazon Prime Members). If I expect to only sell 50 of an item, I try to only buy 50. In short, I buy items for say $13, and then resell them for $35 - and sometimes more. It requires very little actual effort, I zone in on about 300 different items in each of the 7 categories (IE: Toys, Health and Beauty, etc) where I can buy up most of the inventory from my competitors, my employees inbound the items I buy and slap an FBA label on it, and send them back out. Although I have employees, a single person could easily handle thousands of items because Scan and Ship on Amazon is really simple.

        This can be done with a couple hundred dollars, but I rely on diverse inventory which means more capital is needed. It's pretty effective branch of my business.

        I'll show you an example.

        Walter White Action Figure ASIN: B00B89LZ4C on eBay. Currently being sold by GoHastings for $11.99 + $3.99 shipping. Lets say I determine that last year, 330 units sold in 1 month during the 4th quarter on eBay, data available through Terapeak. (I don't know what the actual data is, this is an example) I assume that 75% of the amount of people last year will want to buy this figure this year, likely as a gift. I think I could sell this item for $35. My total including shipping is $3303 for the 195 available units by GoHasting. Lets say I only want to buy from this seller, I don't want to buy from other competitors. My total per item is $16.94 - I'm confident I can sell this item for $35, as it sold for more during the previous 4th Quarter based on data from Terapeak. If I buy from GoHastings, after Amazon FBA Fees, my profit per item is $10.94 per item. The cost to have them labeled, and packed and shipped, and stored by Amazon is minimal. Sure, you aren't turning $16 into $100 (although its possible, I've done it) but you are making a good profit - your total profit is $2133.00. I could have bought up to 75% of last years sales amount of items and reasonably expected them to sell completely in the 4th Quarter - worst case scenario is that I have inventory left and I have to sell it for what I paid for it. They key isn't doing this with 1 item, but doing it with several items. Some items, you only have to buy 20 of an item to be one of a few sellers selling a specific item.

        This is a really basic outline on what I do yearly. There's more variables I haven't included (because the amount of content would be that of a small book) but this is the jist of it. The major downsize is that, well, you need money to make money.
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          I am doing my own FBA biz and it is very profitable for me. I joined DS Domination because there is nothing perfect about Amazon or EBay. I think it is smart to work both platform together for diversification reasons.

          You don't want to depend on one platform. What happens if one of them shut you down for whatever reason? You should be diversifying and multi-channeling your inventory.

          I think there is strength in numbers and the higher programs on DS Domination are more lucrative and I think it is worth the investment. I have invested in a lot of FBA and EBAY programs and I find gold nuggets in all of them to succeed.

          I outsource my DS Domination biz so I can focus on my other streams of income. But I like the affiliate part because it allows one to succeed and share the great opportunity with so many people across the world.

          I just know a lot of people who are very successful in DS Domination not to consider its legitimacy.
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    Thanks for the feedback.
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    DS domination is proved as the best platform for starting your home base business or any online business.
    There are many pros and cons:
    Low financial entry point for opening own business.
    Do not have to deal with buying your own stocks to store.
    Do not have to deal with shipping items.
    DS domination customer services.
    Updated training that what is working and what is not.
    Ability to take DS to another level.
    Low margin.
    Very competitive.
    Customer complaints.
    Need a pay pal account to do DS.
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      Originally Posted by JamesMcLean View Post

      DS domination is proved as the best platform for starting your home base business or any online business.
      There are many pros and cons:
      Low financial entry point for opening own business.
      Do not have to deal with buying your own stocks to store.
      Do not have to deal with shipping items.
      DS domination customer services.
      Updated training that what is working and what is not.
      Ability to take DS to another level.
      Low margin.
      Very competitive.
      Customer complaints.
      Need a pay pal account to do DS.
      Low margin?

      I have some items making $300 profit per item.

      Customer complaints?

      Sold 100 items in the last 30 days I had 2 returns which with
      the right customer service left me positive feedback.

      Very competitive?

      Find unique items to sell and remember to use
      the right keywords in your titles for maximum exposure.

      Need a paypal account to do DS Domination?

      That's inaccurate, you need a Paypal account to do eBay.

      If your an affiliate with DS Domination, they have their own merchant
      account that pays you directly to your bank account.

      You just need the right mentor ship and leadership to help you
      with the eBay side as well.

      People are to quick to give up, give it a real shot for 6 months
      and see how you do then.
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        Seems there are many successful people making a decent money with DS Domination and DSD is good concept wise and that arbitrage concept is universal.. it was there before and it will be there in future across markets. We should be able to identify arbitraged products with price margins across markets ( ebay , amazon ) and that is the difficult part and I don't think DSD is providing any help or support/tools with regards to identifying arbiraged products.. It is like you go and search in amazon and ebay for products and cross verify prices. kind of laborious process and we may not likely find products with good margins.. So I would like to know from the successful people in the DSD , how are they identifying arbitraged products with some decent margins, are there any tools or services available for identifying arbitraged products and whether those tools/services used for your business to be successful .. I know your time is precious but I would greatly appreciate your input in this regard as it may help many people like me.. Thanks Steve M, Cincinnati, OH
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