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For those that use FBA and labeling and packaging is a painpoint. You should look into this company:


I know there is a company that does only factory sealed or new items. This company will do it all.
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    At face value I do not see the benefit of this. If I have to ship stuff somewhere it makes sense to send it directly to Amazon. I get a great UPS rate from them. I would have to pay to ship to them and then pay them as a middle man for a their service. It looks like my shipped costs would go way up.

    For me my volumne is not huge so I am not sure this would make any sense.
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      The only benefit I see in this comes if you are basically buying pallets and pallets of merchandize and would need to have all those items labeled and stored until you ship them out to Amazon
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        I could see this as being beneficial if you were to ship directly from your supplier to this business, shipping from a supplier, to you, and then to this business wouldn't be cost effective.

        I would probably utilize this if you are new to bulk wholesale purchases and don't have a location in which you could break down pallets and prep your inventory for FBA, and if you aren't at that stage where you could afford to hire labor.
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    Interesting service, but for newbies and small-time sellers, probably overkill.
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