How I find and contact dropship suppliers

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Wrote this as a response to someone and thought it might be useful!

I use Alibaba and google to find potential suppliers. Just search in your niche and you will probably find many candidates.

What you do is you send a mail to 5-10 potential suppliers where you present your company as something bigger than it is. You want to give the impression that you have more buying power than you actually have. Having a signature with a company logo and a company title for example, will increase your status.
Describe what you do and what you plan to do. Feel free to use big words when dealing with chinese suppliers. You can say that you are in negotiations with other companies and such but you like their products more to make you more attractive.
You can ask for a drop shipping agreement even though companies will have a MOQ. They want to sell, but they prefer bigger quantities, so you just have to say that you want to start a relationship with drop shipping because of some reason. Hopefully the supplier already has a drop shipping agreement with others, and know how to handle things, or they are completely new, and you can dictate the terms yourself.
You might sell one product only one time, but hopefully you will sell other products as well, so the total should be that they make a profit, as well as you.
You can expect the worst pricing possible when you are drop shipping, but you just have to adjust and try to sell at those prices in the beginning, that when you have proved your worth you can negotionate for better prices.

This is generally how I do it, but there are probably better and worse ways
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