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What are the 3 main factors that increase the conversions to your ecommerce website the most?

I built a website that sells abseiling equipment a little over a month ago. Traffic is gradually starting to trickle in at about 20-25 uniques a day from various social media promotions and google searches, however after 550 unique visitors, the site still hasn't made a sale.

I got a solid phone enquiry which will probably lead to a 5k sale and make all the effort worth while, but I'd like to make my first sale through the shopping cart?

Any suggestions?

How long did it take you to get your first sale from your online store?

What is the secret to making paid traffic profitable?

I lot of questions, I know, but I need some help!
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    Trust - that is all it comes down to in the end. Google will not rank you and visitors will not part with their hard earned money if they don't trust you - that usually takes quite some time - it is the compounding effect where you have one, wait a while, another, and so on until the train gathers full momentum. You can read this about exponential (months to years) and logarithmic (days to weeks) methods to gain trust, visitors and in the end conversions -

    On a logarithmic method we would ask - who are the largest of the largest companies ($100s millions revenue) selling the same equipment as you. On an exponential method everyone else will be able to help you - it is the method 99.9% of small businesses use.
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    Increase traffic.
    Create better offers.
    Wait for some time to see results.
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      Best ways to convert traffic, huh?

      This is a good question, and not only because conversion is essential to the online seller...but also because conversion can be influenced by a TON of things, from site design to marketing efforts.

      I think there are a few contenders for the "key" to converting.

      a) Killer product descriptions - really, this is the online seller's place to shine. If you can really nail your product descriptions and get them so that they sell the products for you, then you've got yourself in conversion heaven.

      b) Great site design & execution - your site has to be easy to navigate and understand. This is ESPECIALLY vital when it comes to the checkiout process. This needs to be as easy as possible, or your potential buyers will simply navigate away from your store, never to return.

      c) Email marketing - cart abandonment is a rich, rich mine for conversion numbers. Email marketing is incredbily effective when it comes to eCommerce. Set up a memorable and attractive email marketing campaign. Develop triggers that will help push your customers down the buying path. Send out marketing emails when you get new items in. Use them to announce sales and deals. Also use them just for fun! You customers are human beings, too - they like to laugh.

      I think these three components - and trust me, there are MANY more - are among the strongest when it comes time to really think about increasing those eCommerce conversion rates.

      _ Sean B.
      Solid Commerce

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    You need a little patience. 550 uniques isn't enough. Is your traffic targeted? Driving traffic to your site that isn't 100% targeted will kill your conversion rates.

    Some other areas to look at is your sales copy and do you have a good call to action?

    What are the price points of your products? What is are the highest and lowest dollar products? Do you know what your average order amount is yet or are you still just starting out?

    How are you measuring your unique visitors? Is it through GA or through a log analyzer?
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