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Hello there,

I posted some time ago about a website I was creating for teaching English online in Spain. The web is growing fast and everything's going well, I'm really happy so I've decided to take it to the next step and start thinking about paid courses though memberships. The thing is, my courses will provide users with audio, video, PDFs, interactive quiz, certificates, assignments, etc, but I also want to offer support though online tutors or one2one conversation practice via skype or phone (not a lot, as I'm not making any money yet, so I have to stick to a basic support).

I don't like the idea of an online course being taught only through passive material, I know that if I want to make a difference in such a sector, I have to offer something else, closer to real contact, with fast feedback and mentoring. So I was thinking about how I could add this feature to my courses or see real examples of sites you know. I've done some research and found most of the sites in my country offer online tutors via email (a student can send them any doubt at anytime). In case I wanted to offer, say, 1 session a week of skype with a teacher, how could I organise and schedule the whole thing? Any other ideas or courses you liked doing? Maybe I could do something with Hangouts, offering a booking system or Event Expresso plugin, etc?

Thanks a lot in advance
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    You can do a weekly webinar with your students. It will be time saving and at the same time you can even offer the replay of the webinar in the members' area. Indirectly you're adding more value to your students as well as for your future students.
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      Thanks Nithiyaah, that's a great idea actually. I've spoken to some people because I want to try to integrate Hangouts with my site, I think it'd be better than organising skype sessions. With the hangouts on my site people would only have to log in and watch them on air or watch the reply as you said. Thanks for your feedback!
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