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Hi Everyone

I just listed my first product on Amazon, did not use FBA, just merchant fulfilled as a start.
I tried searching for my listing even using the exact product name without seeing my listing.
I contacted Amazon and they say it is listed & gave the Asin #.Searched again without using Asin #, I figured a buyer is not going to use an Asin # to buy something.

Still did not see it, anyone have any thoughts on this?
I understand fba will get top choice & offer Prime shipping vs. merchant fulfilled, but if I can't see my own listing how will anyone else.
Any advise you can offer to find or get this item listed better would be deeply appreciated, everyone says Amazon is a great place but seems pretty complex from a beginners eye,
hope to hear your suggestions.
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    If you can use the ASIN number and find the listing than it is definitely listed. When you search using another method such as the product name and you do not find it I can only think that there is something wrong with the way you searched. Be sure to use the product name as listed in the Amazon listing, not some other variation of the name.
    Also I know that when a product is first listed in your inventory there may be a lag time before the listing goes live on the site particularly for a new seller.
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      You have to also realize that Amazon, like Google, uses algorithms to determine ranking of product results. When you do your search, do other products come up?

      There are ways to boost your product's rankings in Amazon. It is probably worth exploring that avenue.
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