Handling refunds on your eCommerce site!

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Hello Warriors,

I highly need your help on this.

Refund Issues

For faulty items, I am considering allowing refund or allowing customers to choose items from website.

If amount of item is lower than that which was previously purchased, which means I have to refund some $, do you have any recommended methods how to go about it?

Can I manually input the amount at the final check out of the cart, so that customer can pay?

Or if I need to refund for the difference, can client put through the refund via my payment mode (eg. visa or paypal)?

Any input you may provide will be highly appreciated.

Can you recommend other ecommerce system too? I am using woocommerce.

Louie Tugas
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    Stick with woocommerce.

    Please watch the video below.

    WooCommerce 2.2 Automatic Refunds

    I hope that helps.

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      I use paypal payments pro with gateway. I can handle everything right through the paypal website. I can do partial refunds as well as sending a invoice to customer


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  • ALWAYS accept refunds on an ecommerce site - and for the full amount plus shipping.

    Here's why:

    When one of your selling points is to have a hassle-free return policy, you are going to set yourself apart from everyone else. A value prop does help in SEO - AND it helps in site-engagement.

    There is an article (which I'll put as a link below) that studied sites that have these policies. When you just OFFER free returns, you can increase your sales by 357%!

    Now, even if you HAD to return an item (which should be rare since you're describing/selling it very well) then the INCREASE in sales volume will more than cover the item and the shipping.

    When you have a 'no refunds - as is sale' as a gimmick - then no one will trust your items - as you clearly don't as well.

    Here's the article:

    Forget blame game: Free returns can increase online purchases 357% - Business

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    AuctionDebtEliminator is absolutely right. Having a really open refunds policy like that is an incredibly great way of building trust.

    And there's really no underestimating the value of trust when it comes to eCommerce. When you can earn a customer's trust, it means you have a much higher chance of being able to rely on them coming back to buy from you again.
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