Can you create a sub account on Ebay?

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Hi Fellow Warriors,

Im having a virtual assistant add products for sale on my Ebay account.

I dont want them to have access to my paypal info or any other details that could be taken advantage of.

I just want them to have rights to post new items for sale.

Any options for this?
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    Paypal is a different password so how would they have access to your paypal account? Especially if all they are doing is listing for you?
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    Everytime, I go to make a purchase via Paypal (even from a familiar site), they make me login again. And, I would think it would be the same with your Paypal account, so your virtual assistant shouldn't have access to anything other than your Paypal email address, not the actual password. I did some research on this and the only thing that I could find is how you can legally have multiple eBay accounts.

    Can I create a second account?

    But this won't help you out any as you want a more secure way for someone else to login to your account without making unauthorized changes. And, I understand your concerns. I'm not sure there is anything to worry about, unless Paypal has changed their login requirements recently.
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    Thanks for your answers......just wanted to ake sure my Ebay account info / settings were protected.
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    There are no employee access controls to your eBay or PayPal account. Anyone with a PW to your account can end you...

    The best option is to find a third-party tool and have the VA do their work through that solution. For example, Vendio, Ink Frog, Solid Commerce, Kyozou, Seller Active, Solid Commerce, Channel Advisor, Seller Express, Linn Works, just to name a few.

    A few of of those solutions even feature employee access controls and reporting limiting and tracking what they do.
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    Thanks Muddawg! So any of the apps you mentioned above will allow my VA to post items for sale to my Ebay account, without having full rights to my Ebay?
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      You're welcome!

      Yes, any of those solutions will allow your VA to post on eBay without having full access to your eBay.

      If all you want them to do is list for you, some cheaper solutions include Auctiva, Ink frog, and seller source book.
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        Looks good....but your lowest tier is for up to (10) storefronts....I really only need 1.

        can you offer a better price?
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        • Hey GowebMkt,

          Sorry I didn't respond sooner...didn't see your message until today.

          I'm honestly not sure. I'd suggest emailing our leadership team at, and talking to them about it. If it turns out we can't help you (I would really love it if we could), then I'd check out WebRetailer for some more suggestions. Sellers post their reviews of software there, so you'll find some unbiased feedback.

          Hope to hear from you soon!
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    eBay has a free listing tool named TurboLister. You can have it on multiple computers, including an assistant's. When the program is set up, and every time there is a major upgrade to the program (about once a year or so), the program asks for entry of user name and password. Once user and password is entered, it stores permission to connect and list to your eBay account without requiring password entry (until the next major revision).

    If you can enter the password into their computer yourself, the VA will never know your password. If the VA is remote and they will do the password entry into their copy of TurboLister, you will need an eBay Security Key. The security key adds six digits to your eBay (or PayPal) password, and the numbers change every time. The same six numbers will not work a second time so, although your VA will have your root password, they will not be able to enter your account without the security key.
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    Hi GowebMkt

    Great question, as in a previous comment eBay has a free tool called Turbo Lister which is great for basic listings.

    Linnworks also has a listing tool called Linnlive which allows you to list in bulk across multiple eBay & Amazon marketplaces - but this will only suit you if you are looking for an order management system too.

    If you have any questions about TurboLister or Linnworks, please feel free to reach out to me.

    eBay did have another tool called Blackthorne but I believe they ended the us of it on the 30th September.

    All the best,

    Charlie McBroom
    Ecommerce Specialist at Linnworks
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