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Hello All

As my previous thread stated I am just now trying to learn FBA.

I am going through the tutorials over at amazon and have a question regarding shipping my products to amazon. What other supplies will I need, I realize that I need boxes and packing material, but, do I need the printer they talk about that is around $150.00 or can I get the lables in .pdf format and use a clear shipping label envelope. And, is there any other supplies that I should be aware of as well as a recommendation for a site where you can get theses supplies at a good rate

Thank You

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    Shipping box, packing tape and a scale to weigh packages. Although if you only plan to send in a few packages right now, a bathroom scale can do the job if you're on a budget.

    I've used Avery 5160 labels with a standard ink jet printer in the past and had no issues for running the barcode labels.

    You will need 1.5 mil or thicker plastic bags for each item. The bags need to have a suffocation label warning on the bag. You can buy bags with the warning printed directly on them, or you can create your own labels. You can also buy pre-printed labels on Amazon.

    A USB barcode scanner can come in handy. You can pick up a cheap one for around $20-$30 on amazon.
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    Can you give a vague idea of what you're planning to sell? I only ask because you don't need poly bags for books or anything in retail packaging. You may also need some "This is a Set - Do Not Seperate" stickers..

    Also, if possible shoot for sending in "case packed" shipments as each case will then go to the same AZN warehouse. If you just tell them you're sending 24 of an item, you likely have to send to multiple distros, which sucks.

    I use a Dymo 450 for printing labels because it ends up being tons cheaper than buying Avery's and having to print partial sheets. (Just my opinion).

    I recommend creating a free account on UPS site - you can get free sheets of sticky labels that are perfect for the shipping labels you'll print for every box you send in. Here's how to get them:

    All you have to do is sign up for a free account @ UPS, then go to "Order Supplies" then select "Labels & Stickers", then choose "UPS WorldShip Peel-and-Stick Labels - (2 per Sheet)"

    I also highly recommend you disable the "Stickerless / Comingled" option as using that may seems easier but in reality its a nightmare.

    I hope this helps a bit!
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