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I just want to share my experience and opinion.

I recently tried to move my shopping cart from one platform to another.

The results were less than satisfactory. A number of problems emerged and the new cart, which seemed to offer a lot of cool things that my original cart did not have, ended up having some problems.

Turns out, their bells and whistles didn't play well with each other. I would activate a module and something would break.

To make a long story short, I spent too much cash with them, experienced a high degree of frustration moving over and getting things worked out. I decided to stay with my original cart.

1. I found myself becoming a project manager - trying to get so many things fixed on the new card.

2. The support was often good but it wasn't good enough to alleviate my stress.

3. Not much , if anything, was done proactively. I feel like there should have been someone there to make sure everything was going smoothly and to smooth out any problems before I (the customer / merchant) ever saw them.

Apparently, it just doesn't work that way!

My experience has taught me this - It's better not to move an existing cart. If you must, build a new one, but leave the old one alone - particularly if it is converting already.

I just wanted to share this with the community. Maybe it will help someone else or just give them food for thought.
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