Ebay, Amazon whats wrong with these vendors and what am i doing wrong???

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hello everyone,

I wanted to ask about ebay and amazon as far as selling, I've been a seasonal ebay seller but now that i got laid off from my 8-5 job, I want to do that full time. In fact i am but for some reason Amazon doesn't allow me to sell this motorcycle product that i've designed and got manufactured and for some reason my ebay traffic isn't great i don't know why when i have over 20 listing of different items that are hot items. Can someone guide me onto what am i doing wrong and if there is any suggestions on doing things in different way than what i'm doing, I would greatly appreciate it. Looking forward to hear from the Ebay experts.
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    25 views and no one bothers to answer, I thought this forum was for us to help one another!!!
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      Are your "hot items" priced competitively? What does your feedback look like? Is your shipping free or reasonable?
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      Originally Posted by momo1978 View Post

      25 views and no one bothers to answer, I thought this forum was for us to help one another!!!
      I viewed but not an expert on EBay. Can't offer any solid advice,
      so I didn't.

      Anyways, someone will chime in and get you some solid advice.
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    25 listings isn't very much. Also, ebay (or Cassini, their search engine) likes to see frequent listings. I try to list something everyday. Also, take time to tweak things. Cassini likes that, too. Your titles look good, but if you can, try to utilize all the space you can with keywords. Also, try to add a description (I only looked at one listing so you might already be doing this). The description is another place for your keywords, along with the title. Other than that, just keep listing.
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      I believe Motorcycle products are a gated category to sell in. If you had these manufactured yourself and have a UPC registered to each SKU, then I would throw up a nice little website, and then apply to sell in that category by contacting Amazon.

      After you are approved, I would send a couple units in to test out your buyer response through FBA and figure out how many you are able to sell each month.
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    Amazon has category restrictions and you have to get approved. I would contact Amazon for the approval, they will ask for certain documents.

    On eBay, I would split test a few titles to see which one does better. eBay is great once you know what your doing, and if anyone tells you that you can't make a full time income off eBay, I cracked over $800,000 in sales in 9 months so it's VERY realistic.
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    If this is going to be your full time income you better forget about selling on Ebay and Amazon only.. Here the strategy.

    1. Never put all your eggs in one basket there are hundreds of portals where to sell your items
    2. Hire a VA and make them promote your products all over the web, think of forums, blogs related to your indsutry
    3. Create an audience a social one Think of facebook, twitter etc Get the VA to do it as well
    4. make sure your product is competitive and thrive for change
    5. Do not be afraid to show your face to the world! Start making videos and documentaries about your product the experiences acquired the failures and any success achieved, etc People will admire and like your courage and pay you for that!
    6. Start a decent website with your product in mind if you have an ebay store simply link it there for now.
    7. Reach the media I know of an e-store that sells a lot by simply promoting on related magazines and newspapers maybe you can study their strategy because they are nowhere to be found on the web but magazines mainly (Tk5.biz) So yes I suggest you Invest in your business time money and effort. Do not expect ebay or amazon to make all the selling for you


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