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by lexj
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Hi guys, I see the importance of doing something with your thank you page when someone subscribes to your list.

What's working well for you? Inbox Blueprint teaches sending the subscriber straight to an offer without the use of an actual thank you page. I've seen others use an actual thank you page and on it say something like "thanks for subscribing, while your waiting for you email check out these other offers.." With links to offers to click.

I'm new to email marketing and will probably try both methods and track, but for now I wondered what seemed to work the best for you.


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    Originally Posted by lexj View Post

    What's working well for you?
    Giving people really clear instructions, in words and in pictures, about how to ensure that they always receive my emails in their inboxes (including different instructions for gmail users and non-gmail users).

    It can make a huge, beneficial difference to open rates.

    The one thing I'd never try to do (nowadays, since I've tested) is to monetize my thank you page in any way.

    That typically makes a huge, detrimental difference to open rates.

    There's quite a lot of misguided thinking about, on this subject.

    It's worth bearing in mind that it's possible to make the occasional quick sale that way and still lose a lot of money overall.

    Here's the key concept: the few people who will buy anything, that way, are all people who would have bought it in a week's time anyway, after receiving some email from you, so there's no real gain. But many other people, who would otherwise have bought it a week or two later, will be alienated by it, because of course it makes you look like "just another marketer", so if you do that, expect a much lower open-rate for your emails than if you don't do it (this is something you can and perhaps should test for yourself, unlike the people here - some of them promoting "coaching services" - who advise others to do it, but without ever having tested it methodically themselves!).

    Originally Posted by lexj View Post

    I'm new to email marketing and will probably try both methods and track, but for now I wondered what seemed to work the best for you.
    Actually testing it for yourself, over a statistically significant period, is a great approach, of course.

    Make sure you test it out according to the open-rates and long-term income arising from the two otherwise exactly equivalent lists you're testing. It's really easy to come to the wrong conclusion (just like the authors of the product you mentioned probably did (if indeed they actually came to a "conclusion" at all rather than just "repeating what everyone else mistakenly says", as I strongly suspect) if you don't do that!

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      Thanks Alexa for your long and helpful reply!

      Personally, if i was the subscriber being sent straight to an offer, then it would be a real off put. So your advice makes complete sense. But my thoughts were "who am I to argue with the experts that are teaching me?"

      Like you said though, I will test approaches myself and see how it works with my niche/squeeze page/offer etc.
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    Hi lexj, On my own experience using a thank you page works well. There's a lot of people nowadays who would simply enter fake email address or email address that they are not opening regularly or emails that they only use for free offers.
    So much better if you use a thank you page telling your subscriber to check their email for you will send them whatever you are offering on your squeeze page.

    Hope it helps..
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