Want to Know A to Z about email Marketing

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i would like to know what the necessary tool for do email marketing how find free tools
and basic of email marketing
#email #marketing
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    If you are on a tight budget & would like to start learning with free info then YT is a great place to start.

    Do some searches on both YouTube & Google for:

    - List building
    - Facebook list building
    - List building tips

    udemy.com has some free courses.

    Learn the basics then start taking daily action. On a low budget I recommend YT, Facebook, article marketing & a blog within your niche as great free methods to get you going.

    Also it's important to find yourself a successful mentor so when you can afford to re-invest in paid training you will have someone to continually guide you to success.

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    Originally Posted by supperM View Post

    i would like to know what the necessary tool for do email marketing
    The three main requirements are ...

    (i) an understanding of how email marketing works and exactly how successful marketers are typically using it;

    (ii) an autoresponder service;

    (iii) some kind of opt-in page (it doesn't necessarily have to be a "squeeze" page: that's just one option, and there are others).

    Originally Posted by supperM View Post

    how find free tools
    It would be a very big mistake to use a free autoresponder service. There are some, but I strongly advise you not to try to use them (they're monetized, but in ways that cost you more than just money). This post explains why: http://www.warriorforum.com/main-int...ml#post9250598

    Originally Posted by supperM View Post

    and basic of email marketing
    Here are 6 posts/threads, which between them cover most of the basic concepts. There's enough information in them to get you oriented, at least.

    What are the essential things to know about list building?

    Lists: How Long to Presell - Averages

    Website or squeeze page

    Where to get reports to give away on opt in page?

    Autoresponders vs. Broadcasts

    Sick of Emails Not Being Opened?

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      Definitely check out the above Post and those threads mentioned there. Some real good, meaty stuff you can learn from free.

      Also ,I think it is important that you get out of the frame of Mind of "free tools".

      The reason is if you really want to be serious about this, you need to be serious about the best tools for making you successful. And for the most part , free tools are not going to be your best bet to have success.

      They're just not.

      I always encourage people to sacrifice by making extra money on the side to afford some of these tools that do cost (i.e. auto responder service, web hosting, domain etc..)

      - Robert Andrew

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    If you're very careful, and learn what you need to do, and have a plan in place, you can dramatically minimize the money you have to put out.

    For example, getting an Autoresponder is just about the LAST thing you should do.

    Do you have your website built, and have at least a half a dozen quality articles posted? Do you have a free gift written or produced and ready to go? Do you have 30 or so emails written and ready to roll?

    Do you have a plan for traffic generation ready to roll?

    These are all things you can do BEFORE you sign up for an Autoresponder...

    If you time everything right, you can use the free month that Getresponse offers (or the $1 month that Aweber offers) to build up your income, so that your second month's autoresponder cost is paid for.

    You CAN go into the black on the second month of list building (many people think they can do it in a few days or weeks...sorry!)

    But having a plan in place... and knowing the right order can lessen the money you spend when you're just getting started.
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    Hey Warriors,

    "Want to Know A to Z about email Marketing"
    I hope you won't wait to get all Email Marketing knowledge before taking action .

    seriously now, you can't (I think). You just can't reach this goal. you better be ready to learn every day...
    But you can ( that's easy, and here is the right place for that) get enough knowledge to get started. then you'll be able to learn from your own experience.

    So, the advices given above are effective, just implement.
    you don't really need to "to Know A to Z about email Marketing" as you said, you just need to take the right action right now.

    Good luck .

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