Using the "Receipt Method" to increase Sales in your Email Follow Ups/Broadcasts

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A simple tactic I use in the last year or so that has helped my Conversions is the "Receipt Method "

It is very simple. At the end of an Email to your List, to be build that much more more credibility in the Product you are promoting you put your personal RECEIPT to show your Subs that you believed enough in the Product that you bought it and use it regularly. Do not use it every email. Maybe 1 in every 5 or so.

Example : You might say something like this in your email swipe...... ." I was so impressed with this Product I ended up Buying it (see proof from receipt below), and use it day in and day out to help my business grow and profit "
Item: Best Email xxxx xxxx
SaleID: wso_sg71ns_93431721
Price: 17.95 USD

Robert Andrew

P.S. Hopefully you DO buy every product you promote ? If you do not, you really need to.
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    I might try that... thx
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    It's my opinion that if you EVER recommend an affiliate product you've not purchased (or have a review copy of) - you're setting yourself up for failure.

    Having actually *READ* the product, you should be able to make the case to your subscribers... the receipt idea is okay, but I get the impression that if you have to 'prove' that you bought it, you probably shouldn't be selling.

    Sounds harsh, but not directed at the idea of the OP... just at anyone who recommends affiliate products without any knowledge of the product.
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      Not necessarily trying to "prove" anything. But just to solidify it. And put more credibility in the Product.

      I know my best friend's dad who was a car salesman, sold me a brand new Toyota Camry. It was my very first car back in 1990.

      The fact that I went ahead and bought it was not solely predicated on the circumstance that he was a very trustworthy and a likeable man ( even though was that) but rather on the fact that he just bought a Camry himself 3 weeks before. Knowing that he had bought the car and used it is what sealed the deal for me in buying this Product from him.

      Of course, I could just tell my Subs I bought the Product but I know showing the receipt has definitely helped in my experience at least.

      - Robert Andrew
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