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After reading the thread by uwa223, I decided to finally take the plunge into email marketing. This is not how I have made my online, so it's all basically brand new to me.

As per his method, I had an online course created in an area that I know well (weight loss/exercise). I set up the autoresponders and created a squeeze page. I did a small test campaign on Facebook targeted to women who were interested in weight loss.

I received 27 clicks and just 1 sign up.

Here's the page:

I didn't do any testing, and I'm probably making some obvious mistakes. For one, the headlines need to be stronger, and the image needs to be better.

Any suggestions for improvement beyond that? I'm sort of at a loss with the squeeze page portion. I know some people get 50%+ opt ins.
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    What plugins are you using?My first advice is o make single optin and to ask just for email not for name or first name.Thank you
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      Originally Posted by gabriel1990 View Post

      What plugins are you using?My first advice is o make single optin and to ask just for email not for name or first name.Thank you
      Thanks! This is from LeadPages, but I added it to my Wordpress site, so that's the only plugin.

      I do want at least the first name though. Do you think the name is holding back opt ins? I don't think the double opt in is, as the only person to sign up actually confirmed the double opt in.
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    That image needs to go and replace with something that represents weight loss in a more direct manner. Most people are going to look at that and see that they shouldn't eat a banana.

    Like you said, headline doesn't really tell me anything, just sounds like another generic weight loss product.

    Also, first name AND last name? You don't need those to sell to people, at least not at this step in the funnel.

    I would go with just email for now, and get their first & last name once their are on your list by offering another more valuable incentive for this.
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      hope this helps:
      simplify your optin.
      create curiousity
      make it personal if you can .. so ppl can relate.
      something along the lines of:
      See how I lost 15 pounds in 2 weeks and kept it off now for 3 months OPTIN
      Watch as I lose 20 lbs in these 3 simple steps .. OPTIN

      also make it an upside down triangle pointing to the optin.
      This is extremely helpful ..
      If you skype me: bowpounder
      id be happy to connect and share screens on leadpages and create one with you. Fast, simple and easy. I would also make sure your optin is set up so you can get paid from exit traffic...traffic that leaves without doing anything! With the click of 2 buttons in leadpages, your exit traffic is being taken to an offer. You paid to get them there you might as well get paid from then right?

      I agree with others .. if you want more optins make it easier and only ask for email and no need to confirm they will look at it.
      Where are you taking them to after they optin?
      Get ahold if you wish ..

      Success to you!
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    I'll echo what JNano said.

    The headline is horrible... the third line (Lose 5 Pounds in 10 Days) would have worked much better as a headline.

    You need to give a specific benefit that a person will get by subscribing.

    Drop the names... if you absolute have to have a name, you don't need the last name.

    Each piece of additional information beyond the email address will lower your subscription rate.
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    Stop asking for first and last name and your opt-in rates will probably double.

    Just a hunch, and I wish you the very best!

    (Always remember to split test on your own, forget what everyone else says; data is king. Your own data, to be more precise).

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    My personal opinion is to remove that flashing image on the left that looks like an advertisement I've seen online before, and it's distracting. Another thing to increase conversions i just ask for email. People don't like entering too much personal information. Keep it sweet and straight to the point, the main objective is to collect emails.
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    Thank you all so much for the tips. It seems everyone is pretty much in agreement with what needs to be fixed. I'll update with any improvements in my opt in rate.
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