Should I be mailing my list high price products?

by JoeSmR
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So I have a buyers list, and in order for them to make stuff easier, they will need a click rotator/tracker,

So should I mail them high priced products such as quality click control or lower ones such as my click boss?

Let me know please!
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    Split test.

    List marketing involves testing, testing, testing.

    I Coach: Learn More | My Latest WF Thread: Dead Domains/ Passive Traffic

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    Do you use one? Would you recommend what you use or are you simply looking for a rotator product to promote for commissions?

    You could do a fair evaluation of both and promote both.

    Promote the features the more expensive option offers over the cheaper version.

    Many new marketers are not broke and want the 'Cadillac' version of everything.

    You could promote both as a comparison. Discuss pro/cons and what the difference in price means. Then say which you prefer - either why the higher cost isn't really worth it, or the features/ease of use justify the extra cost

    Or promote the high priced option for a month, then come in and say something like "A lot of my readers have said Option A is too expensive so I tried out a less expensive alternative" but then list drawbacks and state you still prefer the more expensive option (if you do).

    But if the more expensive option really isn't worth the cost over the cheaper option, then reverse the order of marketing, suggest the more expensive as a high-end alternative but still recommend the cheaper option.

    Just as some things to test.
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    Price really doesn't matter. What does is which products match what your customers are looking for? Which products genuinely help your subscribers? Which produces deliver the most in terms of value? When you start to see it that way you won't question the price range of the product because you know that it genuinly helps them.
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    It really helps if you use the product that you're promoting yourself.

    Just create a tutorial about the click tracker you are using and send them there, that will definately increase conversions because they'll see that you know what you are talking about.
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    You have to promote based on your lists needs. I'd never try to pitch EasySketchPro to a list I got from a list building WSO. However, you can test (test,test) to see if you list has some other interests. Hopefully, you are segmenting.
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    I think you shouldn't try to sell high priced tickets via email in the normal way. Give them a free report (around 10-12 page ebook) and include the link to the high priced product in it - therefore write an email to promote the free report, "selling" the free report via email is easy since it's free

    There are many ways to write a special report. Here's one way:

    You can mention the problems the product solves (without mentioning the product) and provide useful information in the ebook. Then at the bottom present the product as an easy solution to the problems you just mentioned. Always try to mention the benefits of the product, how it will help them. perhaps link to a video demonstration too. Sell it at the bottom of the ebook is therefore my idea.

    Once again copywriting will be helpful, since it will help you sell the product itself.
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