So Simple to riches (EPC)

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Hello Warriors,

I believe it is so simple to riches. Email is the answer. Earning per click. Just get a lot of clicks right? So what methods are best. Funnel, squeeze page, You tube video ( build a list from followers, Social sites? Why not all. I am an all or nothing kind of guy.
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    Originally Posted by smaddoxjr View Post

    I believe it is so simple to riches.
    If it were truly "simple," then everyone here would be sharing their success.

    It can be relatively simple - but there's that nasty four-letter word that gets in the way... "work".

    Online business, although certainly far easier than many offline jobs, still involves work and commitment.

    Building a list can be easy... most people could rather easily do it. There's a reason that so few actually have a list.
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    Your question is very good. All the things that you explain in your question require time,hardworking and followup. All internet businesses are very fast as compared to all other offline works but the only thing is hard work and followup.
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    not just build your list. build a quality list if you want a long term list. but you can also do churn and burn list where you can email your list junk, believe or not. that works too
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    Originally Posted by smaddoxjr View Post

    I believe it is so simple to riches.
    Hey Scott,
    You are exactly right. Getting to riches is very SIMPLE.

    Here is where the catch is though : It is SIMPLE but NOT EASY !!

    A huge difference.

    Yes building Funnels with a Sq. Page etc.. is SIMPLE ( do step a ,then step b, then step c etc..etc..) and a powerful way to start making money.

    But like I said it is NOT easy ( a lot of hard work with tedious details). Otherwise everyone would be doing it

    Robert Andrew
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      I am starting to fully understand and appreciate this business. Yes. Many of you are correct. Its hard work, commitment, time, positive attitude and more. Would anything be worthwhile or fun if their was no effort at all? You guys rock! keep building that rock-star life style. I am not going back to the mediocrity life style.
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    It's one answer, that's for sure.

    As others have mentioned, the principles are really quite simple; the ongoing effort involved is the kicker.


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    Like many have said,Its sounds easy to say but not many want to put in the work involve to make it happen.
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    Unfortunately no legit way of making money is easy. Most of the methods are simple, but they require time and commitment, and of course the right attitude. Email Marketing is no different. Its not rocket science, but it does require time patience and a lot of effort!

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