Who are You Talking to when you Email Your List ??

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I find it is always effective and very necessary (actually ) to know your Market and analyze who are your prospects and customers.

In one of my niches , it is kind of broad. Age 25 to 55 yrs old. Average income of around 30K. Middle Class. Educated or at least an associate degree.

Many are soon to be retired and are looking at ways to continue with some steady income through retirement years. And some are in their twenties and thirties who really want to find freedom outside a 9 -5 job.

I know, broad .

When I write my emails to Subs I picture one person in my mind when writing. I advise this, as it makes you more focused and more relevant to what your List wants and desires to hear.

For me, that is my brother. He is 52 and has always been a entrepreneurial spirit but because of life circumstances is a slave to the man. He;s ALWAYS open to opportunities and is a HARD worker.
No get rich quick mindset.

Anyway, it is important to develop an Avatar or image of WHO you are talking to in your email marketing.

Know your Market and your audience. Research it and study it, if you do not already know.

You really should even before you write and send out that first email

- Robert Andrew
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    Originally Posted by discrat View Post

    For me, that is my brother.
    I don't have a brother, but apart from that detail, I'm absolutely "with you all the way". For me, it's my parents and cousin.

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    Usually, when I write my e-mails to my list, I am picturing my ideal prospect / customer (depending on the list). I write the way I talk too. This has really helped me connect with my readership and has increased my open rates over the years.

    Another thing: at least once a quarter, I ask my list WHAT they want to read about. I ask them WHAT their #1 challenge /issue is regarding the topic and then I take their feedback seriously.

    In fact, the majority of my product ideas come from my customers, I rarely have to come up with them because they are more than happy to tell me what their problems are and what solutions they are looking for.

    "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
    - Jim Rohn
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    I make it a point to, before I write ANY copy, create a customer avatar so I can do exactly what you do... picture that person in my mind. (btw I absolutely love writing copy where I'm the target market, lol)

    Here's my customer avatar template for anyone who wants to try it out. Just double-click all the things with XXXX and replace them with your market's info. If you're getting lost while writing, it's nice to be able to glance over and refresh yourself on who this guy is you're writing for.


    Hey, I'm Name_XXXXXXXXXX, and I'm Age_XXXXXX years old and live in Where_They_Live_XXXXXXXXXXXXX. I went to School_XXXXXXXXX and graduated with Education_Level_XXXXXXXXX. I live with_Family_Sitch_XXXXXXXXXXXX.


    I really like to Interests_And_What_They_Like_To_Do_XXXXXXXXXXXXX. Right now I Where_They_Are_Now_In_Life_XXXXXXXXXXXXXX, but I really want What_They_Want_Solved_XXXXXXXXXXXXXX.
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    I absolutely agree with you knowing your customers is very important too, but we need someone in our mind so we can make our content meaningful. For me, Its my brother too. He's 24 , and I really think he is capable of achieving a lot, but he doesn't recognize his own potential.

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    The dude sitting next to me at the bar...

    (ironically enough I don't spend a whole lotta time at the bar)

    Or maybe the guy I'm playing golf with...

    Or the inexperienced new gym-goer.

    (depends on the niche)

    But that's the vibe.

    Regardless, it's a very relaxed environment and unprofessional setting.

    Dressed casually, of course
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      Yeah those are two very good images to visualize when emailing your List.

      It focuses your Mind to be relaxed and in a non threatening atmosphere ( unless a bar fight occurs of course )

      - Robert Andrew
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    When I write my email campaign i keep only one thing in my mind that is building a solid relationship with my lists because that is the key if you managed to build a good relationship with your list it will complete 95% of your job.

    How can you build a good relation with your list

    I normally write something that is very relevant to product i am promoting. apart from that i send some information products's to my list in form of pdf documents most of the time its a free give away.

    In-fact i do everything that helps me to develop trust with my subscribers.
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    You obviously don't want to forget the fact that value must be perceived by the other before you get results. The best way to give value is when you are allowed into the other mind to see what things can prick their immediate interest, and this factor changes almost all the time. So the best picture in my mind should be one who definitely allows you into their mindset and is ready him/her self to take initiatives and make changes for a better world. That would be... anybody who can ask for enlightening info and who is ready to elevate his status and use it to beautify the world... And yes my form of reasoning takes stock directly from my experiences. People who take initiatives always standout of crowds, simple.
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    When I write emails to my list, normally use Google for idea. Actually I am searching on Google about my niche and try to collect as much information as I can. Then I discuss one of my friends, who is an expert on Email marketing for final report.

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    I try to write all my emails in a conversational tone and as if I am talking to a friend. That makes your emails sound more genuine and personal
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    I agree that its very important to understand the psychology of your target audience and be able to connect with them. You've got to write in a way keeping in mind the expectations and thoughts of the prospective reader. I guess that should play a great role while writing to your list.
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