Aweber vs GetResponse vs Self-Hosted, which one do you fancy?

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With the way that the online world works (now), everyone should have an auto-responder for their online business, hobby, etc.

Which one do you use, which do you find more effective and why do you choose one over another?

Is it price, deliverability, one companies better than the other (branding)...just curious to what my fellow warriors are using?

I've used both in the past, and may pick them up again - however I've been a control freak from day one and enjoy knowing that I'm in full control with self-hosted software and only had to pay a one-time fee, and that was it.

Again, no pressure, just curious...
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    Hi Gregory,

    I've tried all 3.

    My preference is for Aweber for its deliverability record.

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    Aweber for the win


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    Aweber of course
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    I'm in the process of moving from Aweber to GR. I will probably keep both as some things I use require Aweber.

    Aweber's website, following the latest update, sucks! Logs me out when I click "web forms" tab. Only records opt-ins so my forms stats are all screwed up. Just for starters.

    Aweber CS response? "Sorry you're having trouble logging in..." Freakin insulting!
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      I choose Aweber last 5.5 years.

      Very solid

      - Robert Andrew
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    Self hosted is the way to go. I have used all 3 and my deliverability rate, inboxing rate, uptime, hassle rate are all much better since I went self hosted.

    Plus, if an SMTP service is down, it only takes me 10 seconds to change SMTP service. I don't have to wait for a autoresponder company to get things fixed.

    Rob Whisonant
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    I am using mailchimp with no problem. I tried to setup self hosted before but with no success
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    How many times do we have to go over this... AWEBER. 'nough said.

    David Hunter | Duke of Marketing

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    I prefer aweber for its delivery rate and it's very simple to use.
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      I found Aweber had a lot of bugs.

      Been very happy with Getresponse.
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    I fancy the one I use. I made that decision all by myself by going to each site, reading and learning


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    Myself, I like Aweber for the customer support. I chose it in the beginning because it seemed to be the gold standard used by industry leaders.

    Since I have started it, they have had a solid answer and had it quickly with any issue I have had.

    Everybody's different with personal preferences. I'm sure you'll find what makes you happy. Stay with it when you do as long as you're happy.

    Hope that helps.

    PM me and I will respond as soon as possible

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