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by samlee
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Any cheap or free methods to build your list fast? What funnel model do you recommend? Example: free offer, opt in page, oto, upsell, thank you page and email series.
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    Maybe you can can start building a website and try to rank it and try to capture some leads there . If you do not have money for a domain try with some web 2.0 properties . Any way build a list ( a quality list and responsive ) takes time !
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    build some quality landing pages that converts fast
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    I personally use free internet marketing strategies and some SEO.

    The SEO part could require some paid tools, so it would not be completely free. And of course, using tools for SEO is optional.

    My main traffic strategy is blogging. I use a simple funnel to capture leads. I offer a freebie in exchange for the email address. That's it. I don't use any upsells. And I do have a Thank You Page just to start the relationship building process with the subscriber right away.

    You should not over complicate this process. Even the traffic generation part is not a complicate process. It is just a matter of being very consistent with the necessary work you need to get done.

    I hope this helps!

    I wish you the best of the best!

    At the beginning, I thought making money online with a blog was super super hard. Not anymore. Learn the art of making money online blogging - step by step - HERE.
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      Would you please define here which tools are good for SEO? I am also interested in SEO tools.

      Mukhtiar Ali Khan Internet Marketer

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    For free traffic methods, you could use article marketing, forum marketing or video marketing these are three that could help. Video marketing can be very useful.

    For your sales funnel you could begin testing with a simple funnel such as:

    squeeze page - free offer - follow up email series - promotional offers.

    This is a very basic version of a sales funnel but you can change it up however you want and just keep testing how your funnel works. Just remember that it doesn't matter how much people are on your list, it's the quality and responsiveness.

    This is all just advice, do what you want.

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    *Built your list by best simple squeeze page with free report.
    *Free report related upsell.

    Free Methods.
    *Forum Marketing.. By commenting blogs,forums with your signature links.
    *Social Networking By Joining Groups Promoting your Squeeze Pages.
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    Originally Posted by samlee View Post

    Any cheap or free methods to build your list fast?
    "Free" and "fast" are the two primary determinants of building a list that has no value. The people here who have built their lists "fast" and "free" are the same ones who end up, 6 months later, announcing that "email marketing is dead" (often not realising - even then - that it was their own fault). This typifies a quantitative (rather than a qualitative) approach that produces no income. And there are reasons for that. "The biggest list" and "the list that produces the most income" will never be the same thing.

    By the way, email marketing discussions live here:

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    for free traffic, it take too long to get subscribers.

    Go for PPC or solo ads. That will speed up the whole process.
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      Originally Posted by alexchen23 View Post

      for free traffic, it take too long to get subscribers.

      Go for PPC or solo ads. That will speed up the whole process.
      Speed it up at the sacrifice of a Quality List.

      Even though I do Solo Ads, I still find the best way to find quality prospects is doing it slow and diligent

      - Robert Andrew
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    AGREEED: go with cheap soloads or fb ppc . you can build a list of 1000 people in one day if you wanted to. then you can do ad swaps and build your list for free. but you need a 1000 poople seed list.
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    Run a PPC campaign or offer a Giveaway in your Blog
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    The only way to work cheap is to do all hard work yourself. You can promote your own blog by writing amazing content for free but it will cost allot of time,effort and skills.

    If you want to capture leads you can do it by integrating a good give away with the opt-in box of you promotional blog it will create a great impact on your visitors and you will get fast conversions.
    Signature Email marketing service , single and double optin accounts. List Hygiene Service Available.
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    You can build your list for "free" if your funnel convert excellent....

    I have in mind next: if you buy 100 clicks for $70, you get 50 subscribers and you make 3 sales each for $33 you build list for free with paid traffic which is faster and scalable...

    So all is in god funnel...
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    Yes free methods can take a long time (not necessarily), but if you're on a budget that's a good way to start and test your funnel.

    You can start with the basic funnel you described, and then test and tweak to see what works best with the offer you promote.
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    Here's a cheap one that I found online.
    maybe you will be interested to this

    can I have a signature?

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    Don't forget about Off-Line marketing. If you have a base can convert this into a very nice list. Think outside of the box.

    To your Success,
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    Don't forget to rid your blogs of bogus promotional banners because you may be trying to maximize on the traffic that comes to your site. I've found from experiences that having a simple subscriber opt-in form pop up can convert more visitors to potential customers than numerous CPA ad banners being flaunted purposelessly all over the place. I knew how much I paid for that info when I was doing everything the wrong way.
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