How to Create a High Converting Squeeze Page

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Lately a number of people have asked me to look over low-converting squeeze pages. And it turns out they were all making similar mistakes.

So based on that, here's a quick post on how to make sure your squeeze page converts better.

(For those who don't know: a squeeze page is a webpage that asks visitors for their email address in exchange for a gift.)

To turn as many visitors as you can to subscribers do the following:

1. Understand your target market well. REALLY "get" what it is that they want. What will they walk over fire to get? (this is key so spend some time on research).

2. Then offer your visitors EXACTLY what you figured out in step 1 (hint: it's not subscribing to your newsletter for the sake of becoming your subscriber)

3. Make the offer short and simple (offer ONE thing).

4. Stress the benefit of what they will be getting (they don't care how many pages your report is. They want to know what THEY will get out of it.)

5. Let the submit button reflect what they will be getting (instead of 'Subscribe' use 'Yes! Send me My Report')

6. Split-test. Start by split-testing 2 offers. When one wins, split-test it against another. That will increase conversions over time.

Always keep in mind where your traffic is coming from. The more targeted the offer to your traffic, the better your squeeze page will convert.

I hope this helps someone....
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