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Hello Warrior,
I am a new member of this Forum. Literally I am an Affiliate Marketer. I am looking for an effective platform for Blasting my email campaign. Is there anyone who can suggest me such a service where I'll get Leads?
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    Anything to do with email marketing which looks at it in terms of "blasting" is quite likely to have very poor results, Pulak.

    The value of email marketing, for affiliate sales, lies in the relationship between the list-owner and the subscriber.

    Email marketing (that works) is permission based.

    What determines whether or not people buy is largely the strength that the recommendation carries with them, which in turn depends on how much trust they have for the person offering the recommendation, which in turn depends on how much credibility and respect that person has built up with the subscribers, which in turn depends on the fact that the subscribers gave that person their email address voluntarily because s/he was the specific person from whom they wanted to hear. That "specific person" aspect of it is very much the key concept of email marketing. Without that, there's typically very little (if any) money.

    "Getting leads from a service" is more or less (albeit not "exactly") the same, from the marketer's perspective, as "buying a list". That typically doesn't work, for affiliate marketing. At all. Here's a thread which explains why, at some length and in some detail:

    As an affiliate marketer, if you want to make money out of it, you need to build your own, personal list.

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    The only people who will actually respond to your affiliate offers are the ones who have taken time to opt into your list. And, just a few hundred willing email recipients will give you far more money (as in sales of products or services) than a million scraped subscriber names that don't really belong to you. Just take time to get those opt ins legally. It might take awhile longer, but the results will be better.
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    you can do churn and burn.
    it's expensive but it has results in some scenarios. don't believe everything you read.
    there are considerations and it takes time learning, but it's not impossible and it isn't always spam.
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    Can use a software like Black Ninja Mailing
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