How much money in selling Leads.

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anyone here make lots of money in just selling leads?

How much fresh leads cost with complete info like name email ip address telephone#?
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    Originally Posted by NetBizOnline View Post

    anyone here make lots of money in just selling leads?

    How much fresh leads cost with complete info like name email ip address telephone#?
    Depends on the type of leads and how fresh they are. All new customers are not the same as different industries get a different amount of business from new customers. Also the newer the lead is the more it is going to be worth as well.

    There is lots of info on what the lifetime value of customers are in different industries so if you have a specific one in mind I would do some research and see what it is in the one you are planning on targeting. For instance a tow company and an orthodontist are not getting the same lifetime value out of each new customer.

    Then you have conversion rates (which is why new ones are worth more). How many leads are actually going to close vs how many are tire kickers.

    Then you do the math. Lets suppose that each new customer is worth $1k and that 1 out of 10 of your leads converts. The break even point for the business you are selling them to would be $100 a lead so you would need to price them below that. Suppose 2 out of 10 convert? Then the break even would be $200 a lead.

    It takes some time and research to find a price that works.
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      Produce , retain, and capitalize off your own unique leads

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    a Nielsen Study reported that up to 90% of visitors to your site follow Your recommendations. So do the math. If you have 100 visitors to your website, and one person buys one $10 item, you've made $10, BUT if you refer 50 people to companies that pay you $10 per lead, you've made $500.

    To Your Success,
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    Thanks ARVolund , discrat , Terrance01 for the nice shares.

    any particular websites w/c you can sell your leads?

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      I'm always interested in leads/data. What do you have..
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    i do have a list of 800 people with their email, linked profile, name and company info. these people are CEOs, business partners and business owners themselves who are from LA, California. this can be great for pitching or probably just pure real estate offer. anyone is interested do pm me. this is the latest I'm come up.

    get it cheap unlike hiring a scrapper.

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