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I built a site a while ago on opportunity rather than passion, solely for the purpose of creating an ebook/product of my own.

Well, I got caught up in other projects since then and have basically left the site alone to collect dust for months.

Today I checked its traffic and, heh, its getting about 60k unique visitors per month. I really thought it would have been getting <10k tbh.

So due to the large amount of traffic its getting, I feel its really nagging at me to start working on it by actually starting that product I originally intended when I created the site.

Now I gotta say, I am not particularly fond of this topic. It is not something I practice nor preach about in my real life. So everything will have to be heavily researched with a theory-based approach with $ as my motivation to curb the boredom.

And therefore I really do not want to write any more articles for the site until I have a product completed and know that the site actually has a purpose and a plan to make money.

So what I am wondering is what I should do in the short term? Good things in my life never last and I want to capitlize on this traffic while I can. Basically I wanted to collect as many emails as possible and just hold onto them until later on when I can actually do something with them.

I actually dont even have an email responder either, and do not want to pay 20$/mnth for one until, again, I actually plan to use it.However, I was thinking of maybe using a plugin or php script to capture emails to a text file and then later import them into aweber in the future.

The problem is I really have no incentive to give to people to get their email. The blog is never updated and any time I spend I want to be in product creation.

So basically I am just wondering what you would do in this situation with 60k unique visitors per month, a boring but profitable topic, a site that needs a complete makeover, reluctancy to write articles until a product is complete or well underway, and of course, currently, no product to sell (yet).

P.S: I do not want to promote other offers besides my own. I have looked and none are congruent with my site and imo worthy of being promoted.
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    1. You don't want to develop it right now.
    2. No interest in the topic.
    3. Want to wait until you create a product of your own.

    So best option right now is for you, is you said yourself :

    I do not want to promote other offers besides my own. I have looked and none are congruent with my site and imo worthy of being promoted.
    Well look hard for an affiliate product. Don't waste the traffic. Ecourse + product aff. link is best for you right now.

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    Definitely do something with the amount of traffic!
    Maybe try to offer a small eBook or course you created... or as stated above, find a really good affiliate product to offer!

    Good luck!
    Journey On,

    ~ Rach
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    create a freebie to give away for their sing up to your notification list / newsletter.
    It could be something like the first chapter of the book you want to write or a special report on the sites topic.
    Build a list - aweber is basically free for the first month. Collecting emails with a script and importing into aweber later is a bad idea as they require that the subscriber reconfirms the email. This can cause a big loss of addresses.
    Start creating your product (and if you don'tlove the niche (as it seems to be), create a smaller version of it) so you have to sell something. Also create your newsletter series and prepare to sell other peoples products as an affiliate.
    Good luck!
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    There is no point to collect emails if you don't plan to market to them or send anything from day one. There is a reason why people go to your site and it's most likely is the articles. So keep writing those and at same time start creating product and build your funnel. As somebody said you can use adsense for a while, but don't start building house from the roof. Concentrate on keeping same level of traffic by giving content and build a funnel.
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    There is an option. you put adsense in your website while you have tons of free traffic coming to your website. so that you have some money from adsense monthly which allows you to pay for autoresponder and much more on your website.
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