Looking for best email cleaning/validation service?

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Anyone have feedback on the best email cleaning services?

I heard SiftLogic, but wanted feedback on your opinions.

I have 100k of legacy data and getting new data daily.

Any feedback is welcomed.

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    you'll find one in my signature Winnning email. Blowing our own horn, but its good. Perhaps try it, and see if you like it or not. you can check your email deliverability and see how your emails are doing.

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    I use emailanswers.com a lot. They reduced the bouncerate to a minimal number and knocked the spam rate right down as well.

    I also suggest you do what most of the semi legit spammers do and put a nice sentence on the top of the email saying we got your email from xxx and if you do not wish to receive any more email or you think this is in error please click here to unsubscribe.

    This stops a lot of people hitting the spam button which keeps your deliverability rates up as well.
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    Anyone have feedback on the best email cleaning services?
    Whatever software you are using it should be equipped with email validation, email cleaning and spam score check.

    If not move from it.

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      used impressionwise last month and was extremely happy with their
      speed and quick customer support. I'd recommend their free clearing of 100K list to prove their service.
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      Google, "LeadSpend MailChimp Promo." It's a landing page for 50% off. You don't have to be a MailChimp customer. Coupon Code: Chimp
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    Briteverify.com & Kickbox.io are definitely the two best IMO - cheapest, and lowest bounce rates (I've cleaned millions of emails with them).
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    Emailanswers.com is pretty good and reliable
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