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Hello Warriors!

I'm fairly new to PPC, CB affiliate links, landing pages, list building etc. There is so much junk and scams out there when it comes to this stuff, I'm hoping to get some real answers from the gurus who power this forum. And I apologize in advance for asking such basic, generic questions, but you have to start somewhere...

I understand that building an email list is very important when working with pay per click and affiliate programs. However, I have some questions in this area:

1) At what point do you collect an email address from someone? Is this done on a landing page? I thought this page was mainly used to "hop" potential buyers over to the affiliate page where the money is made. Once the transaction has been made, how would you get their email?

2) What is the purpose of collecting emails and what do you tell people the purpose is? To send them more marketing emails?

3) How do you collect/gather/manage the emails? Are they fed directly into a mailing list, stored in a database on the website, etc?

4) What program/service can be used to send emails/offers to people on the list?

5) If you're running multiple PPC campaigns with CB, for example, are you collecting all emails from each campaign into one main list or do you start maintaining multiple lists arranged by categories?

6) With regards to auto responders... is this the return message a buyer gets once they've submitted their email? Is this all handled by the same software/program that's handling the list itself or is this built into the landing page (or whichever page is handling the submission).

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    1) If you are promoting a product you would set up a squeeze page which captures their email, then you can send them to the affiliate offer, but you don't have to.

    2) An email list are potential customer buyers of products that you market to. So they are your audience that you help by providing useful information and gaining trust.

    3) You can collect emails through a blog that you have, or a simple squeeze page.

    4) You can use aweber or getresponse they are very popular.

    5) It can be beneficial if you do collect emails through your campaigns because even if they don't buy the product that you promote, they are on your email database and you can still market to them later on.

    6) yeah basically, when you set up your auto repsonder you are to create a sequence of emails, once someone opt ins, they are taken through that sequence. This can all be handled by getresponse or aweber.

    Hope you do well, all just small advice.

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