Best practice of email marketing

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What is the best practice of email marketing and how?
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    Originally Posted by accactg View Post

    What is the best practice of email marketing and how?
    Have you considered looking on YouTube? There's numerous things that you could implement to your email marketing, but it's also going to come down to your audience and niche.

    Have you tried going to your competitors and seeing how they mail to their list? You'll want to stand out but start off with what's already working, then you can break down other "best practices" as you keep moving forward.

    This industry is always about testing
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    1. Not to spam.
    2. Double opt-in.
    3. Considering automatic unsubscriptions.
    4. can-spam compliant.
    5. Giving to subscribers what you have promised.
    6. Developing good support for your subscribers.
    7. Testing email deliverability, clicks and profits.
    8. Keeping your list clean.
    9. NOT buying lists.
    10. Abiding to your host rules.

    Anything else?

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    Originally Posted by accactg View Post

    What is the best practice of email marketing and how?
    Not sure exactly what you are asking. Kind of vague.

    But definitely not hitting your List up with Offer after Offer everyday. You need give Value to them first and continue to give it to them all through the relationship.

    - Robert Andrew

    Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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    make a target list with ppc campaigns and never exchange the list .. currently this is what i do and earn good money , i am looking for investor to developed forex sites and make 6 figure money per month
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    Learn about all the practices from Blogs, Youtube, and Ebooks. Use the ones that work best for you. The main thing is to build a relationship with your audience.

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    Don't try to teach too much in your emails, and always keep things interesting and entertaining. Try to have a balance of paid and free stuff. Never give away your best tips and tricks (thats what your product is for). Always have curiosity or a benefit in your subject. Don't spam your list. Don't be hypey. Write each email as if you're talking to a friend.

    Hope that helps
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