Are lead generation tools legal to use?

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I would like to know if most countries view lead generation tools as legal or not? Also is email scrapping legal?
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    Originally Posted by pcristian43 View Post

    I would like to know if most countries view lead generation tools as legal or not? Also is email scrapping legal?
    No, it's not a legal way to generate leads using automated lead generating tools. Now coming to your next question. Email scraping is depends on website privacy policy. Some website allows to scrape such information while some websites does not allow it.
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    Regardless if it is legal or not (I am not a Laywer but this could also be related from which country those activities are done):

    Imagine how your potential customer feels if you spam him right from the start!

    Do you think you will establish a personal connection - that you are welcome?

    Are you in for the long run or trying to piss people off?

    Just donĀ“t do it and try lead generation that is ethical and provide value to the people.

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    Originally Posted by pcristian43 View Post

    is email scrapping legal?
    I'm also not a lawyer, but sending unsolicited email to addresses scraped from the web is illegal under the Can-Spam Act, and abiding by that is part of the express or implied terms of service of anyone whose services you use online, to send email. So it's a non-starter, really - very risky (even if you don't yourself live in the U.S.).

    Be aware that these days there are one or two idiots and black-hat marketers in this forum promoting "scrapers" and other software which can cause their users some huge problems. Be very careful by whom you choose to be guided, on this subject.

    Email marketing that works is permission-based.

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    Lead generation is a very broad term that just means acquiring leads. There are legal means for doing this, like ad swaps, JVs, affiliate campaigns, CPA, etc.

    However, scraping is explicitly forbidden in the CAN-SPAM document, and it has been that way since it was first passed in 2003. The updates to CAN-SPAM have done nothing to change that, so scraping is still illegal, as is "dictionary sending."
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      Thank you all for replies, I found in the mean time the concept of Data Mining. Does it mean the same as scrapping? Or is it another tool doing something else? Can it be legally used for direct marketing?
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    Depending on who you ask, web scraping can be loved or hated. Startups love it because it’s a cheap and powerful way to gather data without the need for partnerships. Big companies use web scrapers for their own gain but also don’t want others to use bots against them. The general opinion on the matter does not seem to matter anymore because in the past 24 months it has become very clear that the federal court system is cracking down more than ever. Lets take a look back.

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    While scraping emails is certainly more closely scrutinized these days (and for good reason), employing the use of Lead Scraping tools to contact a business owner through proper channels is completely acceptable in my opinion.

    I often use the details gathered from scraping to send correspondence in the mail to a business owner with more accurate and personal detail based on the data we gather. We don't just take the "ready-fire-aim" approach and blast emails to all of them.

    Any automation tool that gathers business data should be used with common sense and an ethical approach. You definately need to adhere to the terms and conditions of the website being scraped to fully understand their privacy terms.

    Automation tools such as scrapers and data mining solutions are a powerful asset to the serious marketer, but they are hammers. Everything you see doesn't need to be a nail. Just use them and the data you gather responsibly.

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    Illegal or not. I don't think that a scrapped email list would be very responsive at all. Permision based email marketing is way more profitable. AND legal.
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    Scraping emails for B2B leads is pretty common practice.

    There is no law that says you can't go to a business website and get the contact email address that is listed and then use it to contact them regarding their business.

    If you are doing things properly, there won't be any question if the address was scraped or not.

    I have a couple scrapers that checks the website to see if it is mobile optimized or not. If not, that's a potential lead for selling them a mobile site or responsive upgrade.

    If your just scraping any email from any site, you are likely collecting spam traps as well. I've seen sites that have 1000's of emails listed on them, just to catch those that are scraping.
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      Originally Posted by DIABL0 View Post

      I have a couple scrapers that checks the website to see if it is mobile optimized or not. If not, that's a potential lead for selling them a mobile site or responsive upgrade.
      hi DIABL0 , can you suggest a good Lead Scraper to see to see if it is mobile optimized or not?

      Some scrapers say 'no' .mobi or m.domain when in fact the website IS mobile friendly.

      preferably a scraper that works in Australia with
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    For business owners, who put their contact information, this is to get potential contacts from outside.
    Scraping is one word in English to define get information from web, regarding whether millions of them or one of them. If Scraping is banned by law, all the employees in Google should be put into the jail for sure; any one surf the internet also needs to be put on the jail since the brain in the human is the biggest scraper.
    So, the right answer should be: the directory company can ban the scraping technically, but they can not sue the the scraper unless the information is privacy or membership based. Basically, if they permit the Google to scrape it in the law, it has to permit others doing so. Of course, this kind of company can set all kinds of limitation such as IP address, time idle, cap. cat and etc; but it is pure technical point of view; instead of law.
    Of course, how to contact the business owners in your scraped list is a completely different story. Obviously, it is called the spam if you send the bulk emails to these business owners; but it is completely legal if you make a cold call or send them the postcard.
    The grey area is: sending the personal email, instead of marketing or promotion email.
    Why I say that?
    Because any business owner in his website has contact information, actually asks you to contact, which is the permission. But, if you continuously send them the marketing or promotion emails; this is not permission-based, and called spam.
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