I have a Pretty Big List - What Email Service is the best to send a email to all

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I have a big list on my desktop in notepad, and i have to add this list to a auto-responder. which one is the best to do this and email all of them at once?
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    You never had them optin to actually request information from them. Now you are requesting a service to mass spam them which is ILLEGIAL.

    The best thing you can do is put yourself out there.

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    they opt-in from getrespone from a previous site i used to run but i didn't like it really so i exported all my contacts out
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    Originally Posted by MarijuanaCashCrop View Post

    which one is the best to do this and email all of them at once?
    Whichever one will allow you to import and use the list without starting them all off with a re-confirmation request.

    GetResponse may allow this, especially if you originally built the list there? I'd think they should be your obvious starting-point.

    If they don't allow it, then some kind of self-hosted solution may be your only realistic option, but be aware - that way - that any "spam complaints" from the list are potentially going to have a negative impact on your own internet/email/hosting/ISP services, rather than on those of a hosted autoresponder which to some extent insulates you from that potential problem.

    (It's possible that Aweber might also be worth asking: they do occasionally allow people to import lists built elsewhere, without insisting on starting with a re-confirmation request, if they're really satisfied about the provenance of the list. They judge every application individually on a case-by-case basis.)

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    buy a VPS and start sending mass mailing.
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      Originally Posted by Roy Williams 32 View Post

      buy a VPS and start sending mass mailing.
      I personally wouldn't recommend this unless you fancy yourself capable of handing the technical intricacies associated with maintaining a high inbox rate.

      If you're certain that your bounce rate and complaint rates will be acceptably low (Total bounce under 4%, hard bounce MUCH lower, and a complaint rate under 1 per 1000 emails sent), I'd recommend looking at GetResponse. They have an automated import process, which is nice and faster than AWeber's manual review process. However, one thing it checks is the bounce rate.

      If these email addresses were scraped or obtained illegally, I probably wouldn't even try it, as a good chunk of such leads will likely bounce, and your import will be rejected anyway.

      On that note, I would recommend you not use that practice anyway. Sending to scraped leads is not legal under CAN-SPAM (US), CASL (Canada), or the EC Directive (UK).
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